Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Warcrimes Blog attacked from Russia and shut down

Freelance journalist @RobPulseNews published a piece about war crimes committed on Ukrainian POWs by Russian terrorists in Shakhtarsk on/after July 31th.

Rob created a new blog for this.

As can be understood this is all very disturbing for Russia. So they launched a concerted DDOS attack from Russian IPs to the site, which resulted in it being flagged as violence and spam.

This operation was obviously successful, because the blog is inaccessible and cannot be restarted again.

Yet, the VERY GRAPHIC, but compromising content can still be seen in Googles webcache.

A screenshot from the site:

Rob is planning to republish the piece, so it will be available again to view as intended.

It is clear how Russia tries to obscure its evil deeds in Ukraine...

Many people have tried to make the issue know to the Blogger-people and they have reinstated the site!! It is accessible again.

Victory!! :D

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