Monday, July 13, 2015

Analysing the Mukacheve footage

A good general timeline of events can be found here:
This blog analyses some aspects in more detail.

Security cameras had recorded the arrival of Right Sector at Antares Health club, Mukacheve.
Also the police released footage from that scene.

All these shots have been put together in synchronised order:

At 1:10 in the CCTV footage the cars start arriving.
At 2:35 the men leave the cars.

For a long time nothing seems to happen. Soldiers walk up and down the road, but they can never be seen entering the gate.

At 39:47 six men at the gate look to the left and got scared (must be first moment shots were fired):

At 44:24 a soldier walks towards the gate and talks with a man who points his arm to the left.

At 44:53 a second soldier walks fast towards the gates and the two soldiers enter the gate, with the other man directing them.

At this point the police footage starts.

At 45:43 the two soldiers can be seen dragging a body outside the gate.

At 46:33 they put it in the car.
At 48:31 they indicate that they want to leave or something. A smoke grenade can already be seen laying on the ground:

At 48:46 they get the body out of the car again!

At 48:50 a white car (what seems to be an ambulance drives through the camera view):

Note the Ukrainian flag in the middle.

At 48:58 the soldiers can be seen dragging the body into the gate again.

At 49:09 they walk back.
At 49:19 'local thugs' arrive with machine guns and body armor:

At 49:30 an ambulance can be seen driving away on the OTHER side:

Note the Ukrainian flag in the middle. Yet, the security footage never shows an ambulance driving through the view.

At 49:37 they park a car so it blocks the road.

At 49:41 warning shots are fired into the air by a soldier (this is the ONLY place where audio is available!):

At 50:20 a soldier starts to light the smoke grenade:

At 50:35 he runs away from it.
At 50:49 the smoke appears:

At 51:11 the last car can be seen driving away:

There is never panic, neither is there any real shootout here, but there are many questions

  • What was going on anyway? The soldiers did not seem to enter the Health Club. Where they just waiting for someone to come out?
  • Why did the police not show the footage from the first shots?
  • How did the bodyguard get hurt and who did that? He got hurt INSIDE the gates and no soldiers were seen entering the gates.
  • Why did the police mute all the audio, except for that little moment where Right Sector fires warning shots when a car blocks the road?
  • Why did RS take a body of the other side? Why not let them take there own dead/wounded?
  • Why did they bring the body back again?

Clearly a man INSIDE the gates asks the soldiers to take the body. HE directs them. So they take the body. But they are quite rude with it.
Maybe next thing is they saw an ambulance arriving and decided to bring him back again.

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