Thursday, July 17, 2014

Russia shoots down Malaysian MH17

Wake up call for the world...

July 17th Russian terrorists operating in Ukraine shot down a commercial boeing 777 thinking it was a Ukrainian transport aircraft AN-26.

Here are some videos of the plane crashing:
The reason why this happened is because Ukraine was trying to kick out the terrorists and soldiers Russia was sending into East-Ukraine using SU-25 fighter jets. Russia wants to do in Ukraine what it did in Crimea too: take over and annex large parts of it.
The (pro)Russian terrorists up untill last week had portable anti-air systems called MANPADs, but these are not very effective against jets. With air dominance the (pro)Russian terrorists where loosing a lot of ground. Therefore last week Russia was sending advanced air-defense systems into Ukraine to fend of the jets. These are so called BUK-M1 systems.

The Russians were bragging that they got such a system. After discovering their failure they removed all such messages, but the internet community has been able so save all. This is a tweet later deleted, that shows how the DNR brags about having a BUK (thanks to @RobPulseNews original tweet):

This video shows the BUK-system that had just arrived in Snizhne. Here it is driving up to it's launch location:

The geolocation is like this:

Blue lines = field of view of cameraman
Red arrow = path and direction the BUK is driving

In Google maps:

On a larger scale:

That means the BUK was driving towards Saur-Grave WWII memorial, which is a known (pro)Russian defensive position, where for many days battle are going on. Of course this system will not be put on the front line. It must have been postioned anywhere between where it has been spotted and Saur Grave.

This is the recording of a tapped phone call between Igor Bezler, a Russian colonel operating in East-Ukraine when a militant reports he sees a plane:

They spotted an aircraft and they thought it was a Ukrainian AN-26, a transport aircraft delivering supplies to the Ukrainian units trying to protect and close the border, because Russia keeps on sending heavy armor into the region.
Earlier they already had succesfully shot down such an aircraft near Lugansk. See this blog.

So they shot down the plane...

Somebody made a photo of the BUK-rocket being launched and posted it on VKontakte. The trail can be seen here:

These videos shot by local people witnessing the event show the moment the plane crashed:

This is a photo of the crash site:

It can be geolocated here near the village Grabovo:

Link to Google maps:

So the messages came in that a plane was shot down:
The Russian terrorists cheered when this happened and bragged about it on internet:
Strelkov is the Russian commander in charge of the operations in East-Ukraine, who earlier had succesfully taken over Crimea.

So some people drove to the crash site to inspect it. This is what they found:


(<-- This video is a COPY of a video from Lifenews, a Russian propaganda news agency. They removed the video later, because it compromises them. Chances are this video will also be removed, because they will try to cover up their deeds.)
Instead of protecting the area for proper investigation, THEY LOOT THE SITE!!!!
Here is another video of the crash site of MH17 that won't be removed.

Shots of the burning engine:

This is a leaked conversation between the terrorist inspecting the site and his Russian superiors:

The reason that this is 'leaked', is because such conversations are monitored on a daily basis to gather information. Of course this is not all being made public. But in this case it is important to publish it.

Now they realized their mistake they started to delete compromising messages and looking for alternative stories they could spin to lie to the world:

So check your newspaper to see if it is writing correctly. The truth is that Russians are in command of an operation in East-Ukraine with the goal to gain influence and take over parts of Ukraine. They set up local Russian speaking people against their native country with outrageous propaganda lies and they try to hide for the world that in nature this is a Russian operation. Now that they have made a mistake, their criminal behavior is exposed to all the world... 
RUSSIAN AGGRESSION HAS TO BE STOPPED. Do something about it please! Otherwise it will come next to YOUR DOOR anytime soon...

Some more tweets:

I repeat here: A BUK-M1 system CAN NOT be operated by local volunteers who want to fight imaginary Ukrainian Nazis. It was the regular Russian army doing this, even if those are send in as 'volunteers', 'seperatists', you name it. That is only to blind you... Wake up!

Oh and take note of this: it might not be the first Malaysian airplane that the Russians have brought down... The other time was when ALL THE WORLD was looking at what happened in Crimea and all of a sudden mysteriously an entire airplane disappeared from the face of the earth... so nobody had time to look at Crimea anymore.
UPDATE: Aviatian expert Jeff wise says Russia might have hijacked MH370.

Also see: satellite images reveal how the BUK has been driving near the launch location

More to read:
Did you know Russia is using GRAD rocket launchers to fire FROM RUSSIAN TERRITORY unto Ukrainian troops that try to close the border from Russian hardware coming in? Read about it here.

UPDATE 16-11-2014
A new video had appeared minutes after the crash from a villager recorded with a mobile phone:

This is the location where it was filmed:

Google maps link.


  1. thxs for ur from donetsk.its russia bandits and they must pay for all crimes, putin is first

  2. Condolences to the Families of the 298 Victims and to yours Countrymens! R.I.P.!


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