Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Russian T-72s spotted in Torez

This video from Torez shows tanks driving through the city:

There is a narrow field of view in this video, but the camera moves a bit left and right and up and down. From the most extreme positions a composition can be made of screenshots:

This can be matched with this location in Torez:

Google maps link. Yandex link.

This photo from Panoramio shows two more buildings to the right of the two in the video:

It shows the same type of building as in the video, indicating that it is indeed the right location.

These are the tanks spotted:

Note that most tanks have the infrared sensor on the right side of the barrel (for the viewer left), indicating these are T-72.

Ukraine does not have T-72s in the ATO-zone yet and Torez is in Russian control, so these are Russian tanks. The red flag is meaningless.

1 T-64
6 T-72
1 yellow bus

Here the same column and several more cars with soldiers can be seen in Donetsk:

Also see: Ukraine is pushed back by open Russian invasion

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