Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Russia shelling Ukrainian village from RUSSIAN territory

We already know for a long time that Russia is shelling Ukrainian army positions from Russian territory. See this blog. Or this one.
We also know that Terrorussians are shelling cities and village from INSIDE the conflict-zone. See this blog for instance.
On Ukraine's Independence Day Russia scaled up the conflict by attacking across the border OUTSIDE the conflict zone. See this blog.

Now, since August 26th Russia does not hesitate to shell Ukrainian villages too from Russian territory...

@WarUkraine pointed me to a video from August 23rd I had not seen before. Here it is:

This screenshot shows the location:

It corresponds with this map:

This screenshot shows how far away from the crossroad the driver starts driving:

First there are three tall trees, then 1 circular one and then again two tall ones before the small building is visible:

The cameraman starts filming at the red cross.

This is the first screenshot:

showing the position and the angle with which the GRAD is firing. It means we can draw a line from the position of the cameraman just left alongside the first tree:

Somewhere along that red line we can find the GRAD.
The last frame where we can see the burning engine of a rocket is at 0:06.
At 0:21 we can start hearing the engines and this stops at 0:29. It means there are 21 seconds between end of firing the rockets and end of hearing them.
Since sounds travels at 340 meters per second, the GRAD is some 7 kms away.
On the map it looks like this:

Dotted blue line = border with Russia

The GRAD was positioned at the red cross. When we take a really huge error margin, the GRAD might have been somewhere in the red circle. As can be seen, this is well INSIDE Russian territory.

When we look at what the GRAD is firing, we see this:

Assuming that the Russians are not firing unto their own territory and assuming that they are not firing into the sea, there is nothing else to fire at then the village of Kholodne...

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