Saturday, August 30, 2014

The fatal battle for Ilovaisk

Ilovaisk turns out to become one of the hardest fought battlegrounds so far with several volunteer battalions being surrounded and facing annihilation.

Here are all related videos in order of dates. Let me know if there is one I did not include yet.

August 8th
Report of artillery on Ilovaisk. It's reported to have been caused by Ukraine, but standard procedure of Terrorussians is to bomb villages and cities where ever the Ukrainians come and go.

August 9th
More aftermath of shelling:

August 10th 
An attempt by battalion Donbass to reach Ilovaisk, but they did not succeed yet.

More battle from Ukrainian side:

August 19th 
Terrorussian video about their defenses:

August 20th
Motorola team defending Ilovaisk and chasing Ukranians:

August 21st
Some battalion member seeking refuge between trains:

August 22th 
Meanwhile a huge reinforcements/invasion army of some 100 vehicles is ready to cross the Ukrainian border:

UPDATE: Original video has been removed. But here is a composition of screenshots:

A copy has been found on Liveleak:

Some of these units also arrive at Ilovaisk:

Battalion Donbass fighting its way into Ilovaisk:

Partly same footage with English subtitles.

Unknown exact date:
(first part overlaps previous video)
Gopro footage from a Ukrainian soldier approaching Ilovaisk:

August 23rd
Not really relevant, but to be complete a link: Some of Motorolas men fooling around.

August 25th
Motorolas team again:

And again:

In this last video they are walking like this towards the church:

August 26th 
Battalion Donbass made progress, but they are having a hard time:

Russian mortar fire position in the city:

Some photos about this location.

This corresponds with this location:

Google maps link.

August 27th
Russian firing from a school:

August 28th 
Urainians check out a destroyed Russian T-72:

August 29th 
Motorola fighting against Donbass battalion near a school:

Original video has been removed. Copy here:

The location can be found here:

Google maps link.

Unknown date
Footage from Ukrainians in the outskirts of  Hrabske on a reconnaissance mission:

The location and route is like this:

Google maps link.

Based on the several geolocated positions above, we can draw a rough map:

The Ukrainians approached the city from the SouthWest, largely held the southern part and tried to advance further, but were pushed back and eventually routed.

August 30th
Aftermath of shelling. This must definitely have been done by Russians, because battalion Donbass was complaining not getting any backup (such as artillery).

Ukrainians taken as POWs and mistreated:
Original video and this original video removed, but here is a copy with English subtitles:

All these POWs have to fear for their lives.

August 31st
GRAPHIC Aftermath of the destruction

September 2nd
Escaping from the encirclement while under fire:

Another video from several units escaping, uploaded Sept 13th, but likely from an earlier date:

September 3rd
Aftermath of the destruction:

Also see the parallel-story with these videos: volunteer battalions abandoned by Ukrainian army and left to be annihilated?

Also see: Important eye-witness report from National Guard soldier who escaped Saur-Mohyla and Ilovaisk.


  1. The episode with ukrainian soldiers going along the train allegedly happened on August 19 (according to

  2. Here is the video with an episode showing Ukrainian soldiers acting inside some school in Ilovaisk -

  3. I wonder if these are same tanks that were seen August 22:


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