Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CONFIRMED the BUK that shot down MH17 has indeed been in Donetsk

@sergeiyakovlev gives me some very valuable information and translation. Read his tweets to me:
It is very important to note that these tweets are done BEFORE the crash. It means they could not have been fabricated!

Besides this non fabricated eye-witness report, we have a leaked phonecall from the driver to his commander.

What Sergei probably did not know, but what I figured out in an earlier blog, is that Vostok batallion has it's residence in that area in an abandoned mine. It means 'motel' can also be a codename for 'the place where we stay'.

In this map we can see all this information together:

The BUK is parked on a loader on the left side at the start of the route. The real motel is just at the corner. The red line is the street before which he has to stop. The yellow circle indicates the abandoned mine, which is Vostoks hideout.

Basically this means that EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE. The driver arrives in Donetsk, parks the loader, somebody sees it, tweets about it, driver does not know final destination is, calls to find out, he has to drive to the hideout to pick up some more guys from Vostok and then move on to Pervomaiskoe:
On the route to Pervomaiskoe the transport has been photographed and recorded several times, which confirms the authenticity of the phone calls.

Because all the details fit and the eye-witness report could not have been fabricated, we can consider it CONFIRMED that the BUK was in Donetsk on the transport, even though we don't have photos from it.

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If you see errors or have additional info, please let me know.

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  1. The "motel" is a local name of large circular crossroad (DNR roadblock)


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