Thursday, July 17, 2014

GRAPHIC 21+ Horrible images of plane crash MH17

I do not like to post horrible images of mutulated and dead people. But if you want to see the kind of things that we have been seeing for the past months now, look at these.
I hesitate to show them. The ONLY reason I do this, is because this has been going on TOO long now in Ukraine. And it needs to be stopped.

Russian state-sponsored terrorists have been deliberately shelling civilian areas in Ukrainian cities to cause casualties. Russian propaganda media services are always first on the spot to film these and blame Ukraine for it.
Read here about how Russia attacked a residential area of Lugansk with GRAD rockets.
Read here about a dramatic attack on a village in Lugansk.
Many Russian as well as East-Ukrainian people (who only have access to Russian tv, because the Ukrainian channels have been turned down in these regions) indeed believe Ukraine causes these horrors. This is not true. It is a deliberate strategic attempt from Russia to brainwash it's population and if possible the world too.

In a similar way Russia tries to blame Ukraine now for bringing down MH17.

Wake up!

Russia is mafia running a country with nuclear weapons. An agressor is only stopped when BEING stopped. If the West does not support Ukraine to stop Russian terror, one day it will come to OUR door.

Well actually it already CAME to our door now...

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