Sunday, May 24, 2015

Reuters photographed Russian convoy without license plates heading for Ukraine

 A Russian convoy of Hurricane MLRS without license plates has been photographed by Reuters:
Earlier these 'Hurricanes'  had been photographed on transport by train:

The geolocation is here:
That looks like this:

And from top with upper side north:

The area where they are heading looks like this on the March 25th 2015 map of Google Earth:

A lot of tracks with turns can be seen. This only means one thing: it is used as a temporary overnight camp.
Compare the satellite image from 8-6-2012:

There are more such areas nearby used in a similar way, as this overview shows:

Red encircled area = our current area.
The other light green areas show similar features, but no vehicles can be seen (anymore).
The red areas DO show vehicles.

Like this one on the 23-8-2014 map, including tents and all:

Same date:

The fact that these Hurricanes first have been seen on a train and then heading to this camping site, and the fact that they don't have license plates, means only one thing: they are heading for Ukraine.

The earlier satellite images show that this region has been used in a similar way for the summer invasion of Ukraine.

It's just common practice by now...

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