Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Russian owned Yandex further exposes Russian invasion into Ukraine in summer 2014

Yandex maps has recently updated several satellite images at the border of the conflict area between Russia and Ukraine on locations that its equivalent Google Maps does NOT show (yet).
As such it reveals many new Russian positions, incursions and artillery attacks into Ukraine

The most important one is the location that shows a battery of BUKs:

MLRS and artillery positions

This one is interesting, because the burned areas are large and there are only two (times two) positions. It means this must have been something (substantially) bigger than GRAD:

Invasion and supply-route to Dmytrivka
A larger map:

In Dmytrivka the Russians established a HQ at a former Ukrainian Border Guard building, where they had tortured and possibly killed Ukrainian POWs. See this blog.

Massive invasion to cut-off Ukrainian troops at Saur-Mogila and Stepanivka
The wide tracks look similar to the tracks of the invasion that ambushed the retreating Ukrainian troops from Ilovaisk. See this blog. Or this one.

Russian field ammunition depot

Note the long white truck that looks like the trucks used for the so-called 'humanitarian aid' convoys.

A photo of this depot:

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