Monday, July 28, 2014

Another photo of the MH17 BUK transport leads to the truck company

A French newspaper claims to have another photo of the BUK on transport:

Read their article.

They say they spoke to the truck-owner Vasily who said that the Terrorussians stole the truck earlier that month to transport the BUK.

The photo had been made by a Paris Match journalist while in Snizhne, although it is strange that they publish this one week after the incident. But maybe they wanted to trace the owner down first.

Geolocating the photo is a bit tricky, because there are little clues. The article says the journalist took the photo in Snizhne in the morning, but it is more likely to be in Donetsk, because there are trolley bus lines ahead the road and these are only to be found in Donetsk and Lugansk.

Chris Postal managed to do the job by going along the route from the truck company in Donetsk to Torez:

Link to Google maps.

Now this is EXACTLY the location that we found 'after the Motel' that is mentioned in the intercepted calls between the Russian terrorists. See this blog.
So this is a confirmation of the eyewitness report in that blog AND of the authenticity of these intercepted calls.

Funny thing is that the Terrorussians did not even bother to remove the telephone number from the truck and as such the journalists had been able to track down the owner, who insisted to have nothing to do with the transport.

Next thing is that Marcel van den Berg @marcelvandenber googles the telephone number and finds the address of the company on Google maps:

In Google maps:

I wonder if he got his truck back...

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