Sunday, July 20, 2014

Russias Propaganda Network Lifenews BEFORE and AFTER

On July 17th Russia shot down MH17 with sophisticated military hardware.
Initially the Russian terrorists cheered about it, because they thought they brought down a Ukrainian military cargo plane AN-26.

The journalists of Russian Propaganda Media Networks closely cooperate with the soldiers. They always know when something is happening and are given first access. Therefor they are always the first to report and conclude about what is happening.

As such, Lifenews quickly reported about the succes of bringing down the AN-26. Only THEN they realized it was a civilian plane and they had to bring out a new newsitem about it.

Here you can view the BEFORE and AFTER newsitem.

This video was available all the time, but now it is with English subtitles.
It is clear by videos like this that the Russians in East-Ukraine shot down MH17.

Read here in detail how Russia shot down MH17.

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