Friday, April 17, 2015

Shyrokyne: the stage is set for more drama

Shyrokyne has been a hot zone ever since Debaltseve had been fallen in February. But strangely enough the Russians had not been able to take it. The area looks more like a LIVE training camp for graduates in Russias Hybrid Army after they successfully finished the regular training. Like it was on Donetsk airport: send in untrained batches of cannon fodder to let them get real battle experience.

But at the moment things are heating up.

Russian general Lentsov is regularly visiting Shyrokyne:

Why? He has a free ticket to roam the area! The Russian militias won't shoot at him, because he is their boss! The Ukrainians won't shoot at him, because they INVITED him as a peacekeeper!

So where the Russian militias can't do battle damage assessment, or observe from closeby, Lentsov and his entourage CAN do this!

IF... OSCE would not guard and guide Lentsov through the area, he would be a target! I mean they are RUSSIANS walking through a frontline area!
So OSCE, whether they like it or not, are Lentsovs guarantee that he won't get killed. They are his protection.
When there is some incident they immediately make calls to both sides to let it stop:

 But that is all part of the show, the deception:

Thanks to OSCE Lentsov can freely walk around on Ukrainian territory and on the Ukrainian side of the front line.
OSCE responds to this with saying that they don't pass information:
But that is not even necessary:

They guide, guard and protect the Russians gathering the info. That's bad enough!

NOBODY from the Ukrainian army, nor Poroschenko, or anybody from the government has given a ever given a good excuse why Lentsov is on Ukrainian ground or even why JCCC exists.

Meanwhile one of Lentsovs subordinates, warcriminal Zacharchenko announces more war to come:

And then Lentsov demands 'demilitarization of Shyrokyne!!!
And the OSCE is adding to this:

From the report:

 This is what that means:

5-8 kms means about everything up to the border of Mariupol!!! No more armed forces there...

This is what regiment Azov thinks about this whole plan (it's worth reading it):

So while Zacharchenko, a Russian proxy, talks about taking Mariupol, Lentsov, a Russian general talks about 'demilitarization', what de facto means Ukraine has to pull its troops back.
And when Ukraine would fall for that, is OSCE going to hold the Russian tanks back when they roll in? Or even just some squads of 'militants' could do the job, because OSCE is unarmed.

Here is a video from regiment Azov at Shyrokyne:

These are the defenders of their homeland!!! Of their own Ukrainian territory against the Russian invasion. And OSCE wants them to pull back!!! On my word...

But it might even get worse!
OSCE is planning to have a patrol in Shyrokyne overnight:
Russia Media had already announced that 'Kiev was preparing a provocation at #Shyrokyne by dressing up as OSCE observers'
It just means the stage is set for something nasty.

Remember that 'Russian militias' also tried to kill a BBC crew with mortars at Donetsk Airport:

Earlier OSCE had been 'shot at' at Shyrokyne, which Lentsov talked about, they themselves denied it and on the video gunshots could be heard after which their cars returned.

Also a Russian 'journalist' had triggered a tripwire and got heavily wounded in Shyrokyne. See this video.

He can be seen here (on his knees) filming a dead Ukrainian soldier being returned to Ukraine:

So... the stage is set for a lot more drama... 

Too bad there are so many (good-willing but ignorant) sheep out there...

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