Monday, April 27, 2015

Medical examinations confirms POWs near Krasnyi Partizan were shot at point blank

In this interview of Hromadske TV Oleg Kotenko, who is the coordinator of the Volunteer Group 'Patriot', talks about executions of Ukrainian POWs by Russian( proxie)s.

You dug up and took out the bodies that were buried 2 months near Donetsk.

We learned about this story that buried three soldiers in the cemetery near the airport, we checked out. 2 times tried to take out, but came under fire, had to go back. After the second time was taken and brought to Dnepropetrovs for examination. got 3 of the body. previous month ago took out the body cyborg Igor Bronevitsky, he was also a prisoner, was also shot. The Internet was 2 times a video on how he was in captivity and he is alive, but then it just killed and left the airport. His body was taken to Dnepropetrovsk and mother identified his body.

(Read about the execution of Igor Bronevitsky in this blog: Motorola can officially be considered a war criminal now.)

Oleg you said that it was still 4 people that are most likely too were shot at a checkpoint Krasnyi Partizan.

Oleg: Yes, 2.5 months ago we got a call from Father Dmitry asked for help to take of 4 bodies of our soldiers. We agreed. When we arrived, it was not in the Krasnyi Partizan, and the top Troitsk, near the village is located. it was divided into 2 parts, the demarcation line was not there on both sides of the armed men went. It was a dangerous operation.

Father Dmitry crossed the bridge with another volunteer and went to meet with the rebels and got the 4 bodies. At that time we did not know that they were shot, it turned out later. Medical examiner confirmed that these 4 people were shot at point blank range with a sniper rifle.

Later, a month later, those people who have been with these guys were released. We have agreed to exchange, there was an exchange and they told at the hospital as there was an exchange. There was a girl of 20-21 years and asked the warlord if she could shoot at Ukrainians. He said yes. She executed 4 guys. One of them was lucky, with the surname Stepanov. He was wounded, they thought he was dead, but he survived. On one of the exchanges he was released.

So you are aware of eight soldiers being shot dead in captivity.

We are not experts, it is then we learn from the medical examiner, that these people were shot at point blank range.

Blog about these executions: GRAPHIC - WARCRIMES Russians execute Ukrainian POWs south of Krasnyi Partizan
Also see: Ukrainian POW witnessed execution of his friends at Krasnyi Partizan

See now there are THREE independent confirmations about the execution of these POWs. First our own investigation. Second: the witness of the soldier that was there. Three: medical examination of the bodies.

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