Wednesday, April 22, 2015

BBC changed views on Russias involvement in Ukraine after attempt to kill its crew

There is always been a lot of discussion about the lazy or even biassed reporting of Western media on Ukraine. And the BBC has been one of those:

Recently even Kasparov complained:

Another tweep explains:

Yet... lately it seems the BBC is taking a different stance on the (Russian instigated) conflict in Ukraine.
The most recent report even has the title "How Russian TV misleads viewers about Ukraine" and that even makes people wonder:

Just two weeks ago there was this report about a fake 10-year-old-child-was-killed-story:

These stories are unheard of in the BBC reporting so far.

On february 16th this year Russian( proxie)s tried to kill a BBC-crew that was filming at Donetsk Airport with mortar shells:

See this blog.

Maybe that event opened their eyes on what is going on?

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