Saturday, April 4, 2015

Motorola can officially be considered a war criminal now.

Because the Ukrainian 'cyborgs' defended Donetsk Airport for more than 240 days against the Russian invaders and caused hundreds of losses among them, they are especially hated.

On January 20th Donetsk Airport fell and remaining Ukrainian cyborgs were captured as well as some reinforcements arriving.

Many people have seen the disgusting video with 'Givi' and all main Russian media showing how they had captured a lot of them after collapsing the terminal with explosives upon the last defenders.
It was already argued right there that some of them had been tortured, shot and mutilated after being captured:
(media deliberately not shown; VERY graphic)

This video shows Igor Branovitskiy (first guy in blue sweater) as well as other POWs:

Here Igor is alive, although lightly wounded.

On February 16th there were still frozen bodies laying around at Donetsk Airport as @alextomo showed:
Since the hands of those were tied together, this sparked a discussion about them being executed:
But since they tie hands of dead people too for easier transport and since the cause of death could not be established, it was difficult to prove.

Later a graphic video appeared where the corpses had clear headshots, which convinced me of them being executed:

Then we saw reports and photos of still living POW cyborgs forced to recover their dead comrades which as a war crime in itself.
Mototrola aka Arseny Pavlov, being a commander was watching while they carried out the criminal orders:
And he has been quoted like this:
On April 3rd  a report came in where journalist Anastasia Birch and head of the main investigation department of the Security Service, Major-General Vasily Vovk said to have evidence that 'Motorola' had killed Igor Branovitskiy (seen alive as POW before).

He had been captured on January 20th and publicly shot dead after being tortured:
This video from Graham Phillips shows Igor being captured, but WITHOUT wounds in his face:

So it is clear that he got these wounds AFTER being captured, e.g. he has been tortured.

Kyiv Post has a detailed account of what happened. Cyborgs Yury Sova and sergeant Anatoly Svyryd witnessed Motorola killing Igor.

Also Kyiv Post had recorded Motorola saying: “I don’t give a shit about any accusations, believe it or not, I've shot 15 prisoners. I don’t give a shit. No comment. I kill whoever I want.”

It is confirmed now that the Russian occupants executed at least one cyborg POW from Donetsk airport in front of others. But this also confirms the suspicions we always had about all the other bodies that were found at Donetsk airport with the hands tied.
Moreover... Motorola/Arseny Pavlov can officially be considered a war criminal from now on.

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