Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ultimate proof that GRAD (and other) MLRS can fire WITHIN their minimum range

Here is ultimate proof that GRAD MLRS can fire WITHIN 5km range when used as 'direct fire':

In this video the Russians are peven PRACTICING how to fire on an ultimate short range. This means that firing MLRS on a very short range fits within the doctrine of the Russians. When they train on it, they use it too in battles. Or... in attacks on civilian areas!

One very common practice that we have noticed in the ongoing conflict is that the Russians fire GRAD from Ukrainian direction on occupied cities and villages, as to pretend as if the Ukrainian army shot the rockets.
Organisations like HRW or OSCE have easily fallen for this trick and blamed Ukraine for firing such attacks on civilians, because they apply the minimum ranges as absolute borders.

This footage shows how wrong they have been. The Russians fire in much shorter ranges and train it's hybrid army with this practice.

Next time the argument of minimum range can not be used anymore!

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