Friday, September 5, 2014

Guided tour through Marinovka area destruction by Alexander Ivin

Alexander Ivin gives a guided tour along the destruction of the Ukrainian army in the Marinovka area.

Alexander is a Russian mercenary with movie-star tendencies who had his own Youtube-channel here.
This is a copy:

The video has four cuts/parts.

Part 1 00:00 - 2:12
Driving on the road from Marinovka to Dmitrivka.

Google maps link.

There is a destroyed car on the left side of the road:

Part 2 from 2:12 - 12:12
Driving through Dmitrivka

Google maps link (Note that Google maps gives an error on the route)

At 7:03 the only petrol station in Dmitrivka can be seen.
At 9:05 the Ukrainian Border Guard HQ can be seen, that is now operating as the HQ for the Russians. This is the place where Alexander shot a video of beaten up and tortured POWs.

After this location there are some damaged and destroyed houses:

Part 3 from 12:12 - 14:18
Just before entering Dibrivka.

Google maps link.

On a larger scale:

This area has a lot of destroyed vehicles:

It seems to have been a Ukrainian camp that has been destroyed by GRADs and/or artillery.

Part 4 from 14:18 - 19:47
From Marinovka border crossing to Marinovka.

Google maps link.

Marinivka Border Crossing is completely destroyed, and again lot's of wrecks:

The arrow shows another vehicle in the field.

In the end a tank and some other vehicles can be seen, but those seem to be intact and probably are Russians guarding the crossroad:

The entire trip can be summarized like this: 

Alexanders friend (who staged a 'Right Sector photo of the downed IL-76' and who 'interrogated' Ukrainian POWs in the video below) is also in the video:

Also see a similar video/blog where the Ukrainian army advanced towards Krasnyi Luch

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