Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some Ukrainian soldiers buried in remote unofficial and probably unidentified grave

This is a video from July 29th, but it may still be relevant regarding MIA Ukrainian soldiers:

It shows some dead Ukrainian soldiers buried just ‘somewhere’. So it might be important to have that location recorded.
This destroyed BTR at 1:19:

Can also be seen in this geolocated blog
So the location is just before/North of the village of Dibrivka.
This screenshot at 2:09 shows an antenna and a little house:

They can be seen here, South of the village of Dibrivka:

Red arrow = direction the car is driving.
In the next shot the dead soldiers can be seen.

At 2:35:

 At 3:52:

So that must have been in a field right after/South of the antenna.
At 4:03 soldiers can be seen with a grave just being dug out:

The (half-naked) driver is Eduard Glazov, the leader of Russian scout and sabotage group ‘Ryazan’. See this blog about him/them.

Basically this means some Ukrainian soldiers were buried in a remote, unofficial and possibly anonymous grave South of Dibrivka. Likely they have been reported 'missing in action' and officially nobody on the Ukrainian side knows where they are.

If you have any more information on this, let me know.

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