Tuesday, September 30, 2014

EXACT location of IL-76 crash site June 13th

Google has updated several areas in Donbas - Ukraine for Google maps and Google Earth (GE). It means (old) battle areas can be found now.

As such the exact location of the IL-76 crash site has been determined:

Google maps link.

As can be seen, a lot of trails are around the area.

One of these trails comes from Lugansk airport:

It can be seen on the June 30th satellite images:

but not on the June 5th images:

When it is followed it leads to the IL-76 crash site.
The IL-76 was shot down by Terrorussians on June 13th. So obviously a tracked vehicle has been sent from Lugansk airport to investigate the site.

The tracks start from this position:

Clearly two fortified (but empty) tank fire positions can be seen, as well as (probably) a BTR between the trees. From here the vehicle has been driving through the fields, starting at the right.

GE also shows some photos from a Panoramio user, among which this one:

It contains a destroyed turret from possible a BTR. The IL-76 was carrying military equipment, but whether it had a BTR is unclear.
Since their is no obvious track back to Lugansk airport, and since the early footage from RT does not show a destroyed turret/vehicle, it may be possible that the/a vehicle sent out to check the crash site was also attacked and destroyed there.

Link to footage of the crash site.

Also see my earlier report about the event.

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