Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Deadly Russian MLRS attack on Donetsk civilians

These videos show the deadly aftermath of a MLRS attack on Donetsk, setting a bus on fire and killing several civilians.


(In case they remove that video link to a copy)

Google maps link to this location.

The videos show a rocket that had NOT been detonated and sticks into the asphalt:

One red line shows the middle of the road. The other the angle of the rocket.
The rocket does not seems to be from a GRAD, because it is too big for that.

We can try to determine the angle and as such the direction from which the rockets were fired:

When we copy this angle into Google Earth, we get this:

On a larger scale it looks like this:

The yellow lines show an approximate 20 km range.

As can be seen on a screenshot of the Russian MilitaryMaps of this area:

UPDATE: I actually think the direction is a bit more southward then above.

All of this and up to a 30 km range is in control by (Terro)Russians.

The conclusion is simple: this is some sort of 'punitive measure' by the Terrorussians on the people of Donetsk in an attempt to blame Ukraine for it.

GRAPHIC: Terroristic state Novorussia reporting about the scene.
That journalist has interesting gear:

WARNING GRAPHIC: Link to aftermath video with charred bodies retrieved from burned bus.

School #57 had simultaneously been hit by shells too (in the morning of Oct 1st). It is not far from the location of the bus.

Wikimapia link to the school.

See this news item with English subtitles:

If only these people would understand they had been attacked by Terrorussians!

@RobPulseNews noticed that this 'journalist' reported from both scenes:
Clear indication it happened simultaneously and therefore must have been THE SAME incident/attack.

Also see this incredible footage from ANOTHER similar attack with shells explosion very close to a group of civilians:


  1. Not agree to the range. The rocket (what left of it) looks visually bigger, likely 220mm like the one from 9K57 Uragan. It is definitely not Grad system as they use smaller rockets. The Uragan, and other advanced systems have far longer range of 8-35km. So if you draw the line futher to 35km, it will go through Novomykhailivka and futher into fields. And according to your map thats where are ukrainian positions. So technically both sides could do it.
    Note, only two rockets were fired (somebody was short on munitions?).
    The school and bus stop are about 200 meters apart. Given the 'precision' of Uragan system is about 1/150 to the distance (1/125 and 1/175 at wiki). That range between hits means it was working on it's far range. So I think the launch was from 25 to 35 km zone. Once again, next to Novomykhailivka.
    But there are some puzzling observations. If that was Uragan using 9M27F it would obliterate everything in vicinity as it carries 100kg explosive warhead. The crater would be something like 8 meters in diameter. I don't see anything like it on the videos.

    1. It definitely is not a GRAD rocket which is smaller. Range might indeed be more, but not necessarily of course. Since the rocket is more upright (and could otherwise not have penetrated the road) the range seems to have been smaller instead of longer. So definitely NOT at the maximum range.
      The TerroRussians always perform such attacks in a way that it COULD have been done by Ukrainians, so they have an excuse. In the months of this conflict I have NEVER seen a random shelling like this by the Ukrainians.
      Likely the shell was a cluster bomb. It does not completely explode, but delivers hundreds of smaller projectiles. That's why so many people were killed. And it means the still intact rocket does could penetrate the road.


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