Friday, October 3, 2014

Russians caught redhanded: geolocated GRAD attack on Makeevka/Donetsk

This video has been geolocated:

This screenshot shows an electrical pole:

That pole matches the poles in this Panoramio photo:

This screenshot:

show multiple antennas/electrical poles in the distance.
It corresponds with a part from this Panoramio photo:

On that hill is a power station.

This map shows the poles:

It means the cameraman must be somewhere up in the fields. 
When this position is taken in Google Earth and the field of view is simulated, this is what you get:

To the left is the power station. In the middle ONE pole is visible. In the distance on the right an elevation/hill is visible, just like in the video:

Now we can approximately position the GRADs like this:

The red arrow shows how the GRAD and car are driving from the scene.

With the location established, we can determine into which direction they are firing:

The GRAD that fires some 40 rounds seems to fire OVER the power station.
The other GRAD incidentally fires more to the right.
We can plot these directions on the map with a 20 km (red line) to 35 km (transparent red line) range:

The big question is: what are they firing at? There are no Ukrainian soldiers tehre!!!
If this is maybe an old video (and just uploaded now), maybe the southern attack might have been directed at some Ukrainian troops trying to retreat from Ilovaisk? Yet they had always been at the South - SouthWest of Ilovaisk.

But even despite this unclarity we can conclude one thing: the upper attack is directed to areas that had NEVER been in control of Ukraine!!! There were never Ukrainian soldiers this far in Donetsk or East of Donetsk. Makeevka and the roads that lead to it has ALWAYS been in control by the Russians.
So this is absolute proof that it's the (Terro)Russians who are randomly targeting occupied Ukrainian civilian areas here.
Basically they are caught red-handed... (again!!!).

This video from Sept 22th (starting from 2:04) shows exactly what the setup could have been for the event above:

The isolated shots come from recoilless guns... they have a GRAD... and they fire in different directions.

It looks so similar it might even be same event or at least the same team.

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