Saturday, October 11, 2014

Breakdown of Ukrainian combat footage end of July at Novyi Svit

This screenshot shows the first battle scene:

Red arrow = power plant

This Panoramio photo has almost been taken from the same position:

The power plant can be seen in the distance too and the water in front of it.

This is the map:

Google maps link.

Interesting thing is that the satellite image of the map above dates from 16-7-2014, which is just two weeks before this footage.

The same map from 8-8-2013 looks like this:

As can be seen, a lot of 'construction' had been going on.

This is what I can see on the July 16th map:

Also a lot of tracks can be seen all over the place.
So obviously this is some sort of camp and fortified area that the Ukrainians have been taken over.

When they are driving further the next day, at 1:41 a sign can be seen:

That sign can also be seen in this Panoramio photo:

It means they are driving like this into the village of Novyi Svit:

When they enter the village they receive fire, so they stop and return fire.
The battle goes on for a while near the small houses:

At 3:31 the camera turns left and you can see a small street at his left:

It means their position is at the blue crosse on this map:

Their direction of fire is indicated by the red arrow. So most likely the enemy had taken position behind the buildings in that direction.

Starting 4:14 the soldiers want to show something to the cameraman. One guy turns around and shows his back while another one points at something:

Unfortunately the camera does not go down to show it. Another soldier makes a V to show that everything is ok.
Most likely this man had been hit by a bullet, but was saved by his body armor.

Then they walk further into the village and this house can be seen:

It can also be seen in this Panoramio photo:

And this building (what seems to be the House of Culture):

can be seen in this Panoramio photo:

It means the soldiers had been walking like this:

No further activity had been noticed here, so obviously the occupiers had fled the village.

We must say that they had not been given much resistance either.
Even though the video is uploaded on July 31st, it is likely that this happened a couple of days earlier., since we now know that at July 31st some dramatic events happened at Shaktarsk were the Ukrainians met fierce resistance and got heavy losses.
It is very likely that the Russians here in Novyi Svit only had orders to delay the Ukrainians and retreat when it would get too hot.

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