Monday, October 27, 2014

Who wants to help me buy Panorama Maker 6.0

Arcsoft has a nice little program that can make Panorama photos out of video. See

It takes the video as a source, you can select an in and out point and then it calculates one picture out of it, merging the different frames into one big photo.

I downloaded the trial version and used it several times already:

It is a real timesaver, because the alternative is to manually copy a lot of different screenshots into photoshop and run the scripts there to align and blend them.

It is essential for geolocating to have a clear image of the environment. When people record events with mobile phones, often the field of view is very narrow. To be able to quickly make a panorama photo from that footage helps tremendously to geolocate it.

For instance, take a look at this:

The field of view is so narrow that it is hard to see where this is. It is a pain to Photoshop a clear picture from this. It's half a minute with the software...

My trial version has expired now. I would like to buy the software. I am doing this as a volunteer. Who wants to help me buy it? It's 80 dollars. You little contribution will make it possible.

You can use the Paypall donate button at the upper right side and give 'Panorama Maker' as a comment.

Thank you :D.

Your (twitter) name and contribution will appear here below (if you want to) to show how you helped:

Ott M. - 5 euro
Lukasz R. - 10 euro
Mykhailo T. - 5 euro
Nigel G - 20 euro
Anton - 15 euro
Ludmila P. - 30 euros
Oleksandr K. - 20 euros

Ok, the amount is in. Thanks al lot! I bought the software. Don't need more.
But you may always buy me a beer of course ;-).

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