Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Russian(-backed) soldiers fight among each other in Donetsk

Four videos appeared from CCTV cameras capturing the fighting amongst the Russian(-backed) gangs in Donetsk were some guys got severely beaten up and one with (deadly) head wound.

I put the videos in one bigger one and aligned them, so it can be much clearer seen what had happened.

 Welcome to the street justice of Barbarossiya!!!!

The location is here:

Google maps link.

This is the order of events:

3:41 gangs meet friendly
4:51 fighting starts
5:44 another guy #2 beaten to the ground, kicked on the head
7:59 gang comes back
8:19 another man #3 is beaten
8:35 two guys with a gun arrive
8:48 guy tries to grab the gun, they walk outside view
9:10 guy with gun comes back
9:27 two man grab the gun
9:38 gunman #4 taken down and beaten
10:30 behind the car a guy is kicked (hardly visible)
10:33 a shot is fired, a guy is hit by shrapnel #5
11:40 yet another guy #6 gets beaten, they walk off screen
11:53 a lot of shots are fired
11:59 the guy is severely beaten with the gun
13:00 guy #7 gets stripped of his army gear 
13:37 it seems 'gunman' is also taken to the bench
13:53 a third man is taken to the bench
14:08 the third man can go, has nothing to do with it
14:09 the guys are beaten with the back of the gun and kicked
14:45 a guy walks up with a pistol and shoots in the air
14:52 he points the gun at one of the attackers 
15:04 the guy who was had shrapnel in the head #5 also comes to help his mates
15:20 a fourth gang member comes running in and overrules the pistol-guy who gets severely beaten with the gun
16:02 they managed to grab the pistol
16:27 a guy gets hit straight in the face with the barrel of the gun
17:06 the gang walks off screen with gun forward (obviously because they are threatened)
17:57 a gang member walks in with his gun AND a machine gun (likely taken away from somebody)
19:59 the gang comes back 
20:07 man with telephone and gun #8 walks in
20:20 #8 threatens the gang member
22:04 he comes too close, guy grabs his barrel, they struggle 
22:59 now (after the phone call?) #8 threatens the guy at the bench!!!
23:20 they fight over the gun
23:25 finally kicked on the head guy #2 gets up
23:35 a guy #9 joins the quarrel, he seems to have a pistol
23:41 gang member with a shotgun comes in
23:45 he shoots just over the head of his mate
23:50 #9 gets his pistol taken away
24:02 two more guys get pushed to the bench
24:38 pistol guy #9 gets pushed to the bench
24:51 gang member shoots pistol to the ground
25:09 they start kicking and beating the five guys to the extreme
25:16 gang member gets rid of the magazine of the pistol and starts hitting the skulls of the victims with the back of it,
25:50 second guy of the row bleeds extensively from his head (broken skull?)
29:02 one member comes back to the victims, #9 argues and is allowed to sit on the bench
30:06 a car arrives
30:33 some new gang members comes in
30:48 guy #10 gets pushed into view
31:08 on the background the guy with machinegun AGAIN quarrels with someone over it.
31:15 #9 is allowed to. Maybe he just tried to save the victims, but has nothing to do with them.
31:30 guy #10 is sent away/off screen
31:55 two more guys arrive near the supermarket door with automatic guns taking position, but nothing happens 
32:38 quarreling within the gang
33:57 one of the victims stands up and start arguing
34:09 boy #10 walks into view again
34:15 another victim stands up and checks the bleeding last one on the ground
34:25 some member decide to go shopping in the supermarket
35:09 he still lifts his head
35:20 medics arrive?
35:40 again arguing within the gang. 
35:59 the bleeding victim is taken away
36:30 the main attacker is sent away
37:30 again arguing, threatening with guns
37:54 the blueish jacket man (previous with machine gun) gets his gun taken away (again?)
38:17 he does not have a gun anymore

Do we really want these guys to take over and rule Ukraine?

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