Thursday, October 2, 2014

12 creative ways how (Terro)Russians are using residental buildings

This is an apartment building in Donetsk:

The great thing about this apartment building is that it gives a great view on Donetsk airport and as such is one in a kind:

Therefore the (Terro)Russians found use for it in the following ways (in random order):

1. as a spotter place:

2. to direct fire from (unto the tower for instance):

3. to fire an automatic grenade launcher:

4. to have a friendly chat with the people that live there:

5. to hide soldiers behind:

6. to fire a truck-mounted ZU-23 next to it:

7. to position a T-72 next to its playground:

8. as a distribution point for weapons:

9. to fire recoil-less guns from its roof:

10. as a meeting point for lots of soldiers:

11. as a starting point for battle trips:

12. for commander Motorola to instruct his troops with a life-view:

All screenshots taken from various videos.

Also see: Russian attacks on Donetsk airport despite ceasefire

Oh, #13. to make damage reports:

#14. Fire heavy machine guns from it:


  1. Picture 14: i only saw concrete slabs on the balconies of that building. 14 looks like metal railings they shoot through. Do you have an explanation for that?

    1. That's on the other side of that building.


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