Saturday, October 18, 2014

Donetsk hit by Tochka-U?

Two videos showing some extremely large explosion what looks like it could be a Tochka-U rocket:

A third video from Donetsk also shows two smoke plumes:

This one is easy to geolocate:

Google maps link.

On a larger scale:

The two blue lines indicate the direction of the smoke plumes. One is comeing from the area where military unit 3023 is located and where earlier end of July a Tochka-U landed.
The other smoke plume is coming from the direction of the airport.

Knowing these two plume locations might help geolocate the other videos (if these are the same plumes of course)

@5urpher was able to find the location of the first video:
This Panoramio photo has almost the same view, but a slightly different position:

It means the map looks like this:

Again with the two blue lines indication the direction of the plumes.

Now the second video can be matched too. This is the location:

All three camera positions together look like this:

When we have a good look at the third video again, we can see that the smoke from the West is actually the from TWO smoke plumes that seem to melt together from that distance:

Who has been hit?
This definitely looks like a serious attack from the Ukrainian army on Russian positions. All these three areas are under Russian control.
What the big explosion was, remains unclear. It is not in the known munition depot nearby. Satelitte images show that between July 30th and September 3rd one of the storages in the munition depot had been blown up, damaging several next to it:


Graham Phillips gives us a Damage Report:

This panorama made from the video shows that the explosion happened EXACTLY on the railway leading to the bunker:

Note that left and right on the railway there are still destroyed wagons.

It therefore looks like atrain transport (with explosives, ammunition) had been blown up. Either this was a well performed Ukrainian (sabotage) operation, or something went wrong and the Russians did something really stupid... :P.

If you have any information on what exactly exploded like this, let me know...

Also see: military Unit 3023 hit by Tochka-U end of July

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  1. At the first video, you can clearly see a more or less "regular" explosion several seconds before a huge fireball explosion occurs exactly at that place. So it looks like something, and not necessarily a Tochka, hit an explosives or ammunition depot which then detonated spectacularly.


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