Friday, October 3, 2014

GRAPHIC: warcrimes in Lysychansk

This GRAPHIC video shows several killed Ukrainian soldiers in Lysychansk:

It is released on October 1st in an attempt to disinform and distract from the current situation. An earlier release was from August 11th and can be found here. Nevertheless the video is relevant.

This screenshot at 0:18

shows a building in Lysychansk that also can be seen in this Panoramio photo:

This screenshot at 4:00:

shows a petrol station on the other side of the street.

The map looks like this:

Yellow dotted line = route the soldiers walk along the houses they check.

Google maps link.

In this screenshot at 1:09 the cameraman is filming his shadow:

It can be seen that he is carrying a gun. He is clearly not an (embedded) journalist. He is a soldier filming the damage they have done.

2:15 first victim, blood on the ground coming from his head, covering his shoulder. The blood has not been dried up yet, so very recently killed. Body armor covering his head, so somebody had checked him already. No other wounds visible.

2:49 second victim. He has pinched his leg and likely retreated into the house, but still he died. That is strange, because there is no need to die from a leg wound. A good look at the scene (3:03) reveals something else:

Behind the back of his head is blood...
It means the TerroRussians found him here and finished him off with a headshot.

At 3:46 this can be seen:

First, there is blood on the ground on a spot where the soldier is not laying.
Second the box and some other things look like they have been fallen.
Third: there is a hole in the box. When the box would have lifted straight it appears to be at the same height as the hole in the small cabinet behind it. This might be at a height where the head of the soldier was when (almost completely) laying on the ground.
After 'finishing him off' they may have rolled him over to the position where he is now.

At 3:57:

Smoke can be seen, occasional shots can be heard... fighting is still going on a bit.

Victim 3 at 4:06. Covered with a cloth, so some checked them already before. The cameraman is coming in later to check the work that his subordinates have done...
Unclear how this man died. There is no visible blood on the ground as with the others. Then man does not check him by lifting the cloth.

Victim 4 at 4:10. It can be seen that he has a headshot. His head is covered with his body armour to hide 'the mess'. The blood is at the height of his head. He does not seem to have any other wounds. A loose belt is lying next to him.
Maybe he assisted the other wounded comrade when they caught them and he was killed nevertheless.

Note how this cameramen NEVER films any faces of his fellow soldiers. They are Russian SOF. The imported mercenaries gladly like to be filmed, because they are generally nobodies and that is their little moment of fame...

It very much looks like these Ukrainian soldiers had been taken by surprise, taking wounded and therefore retreating into the perimeters of civilian house to take care of them. This is where they had been found, unable or unwilling to fight anymore and there at least three out of four were killed by head shots. It very much looks like they were finished off while being taken prisoner.

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  1. Nice analysis as always, I was able to pull a partial face shot chap on left has quite a distinctive nose and with short brown beard.

    Note that RU (now offline) was yesterday evening and early today showing some movement of RU forces in the Lysychansk, along with 2nd odd area forested area 2km west of Muratove - possible a staging area for infiltration/sabotage RU Special ops.,38.7171341,10897m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en


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