Saturday, October 25, 2014

Russia brings in new batches of volunteer-mercenaries to die at Donetsk airport

With the inability of the Russian mercenary proxies to capture Donetsk Airport for 154 days in a row now, and causing hundreds of casualties among them, Russia has decided to send Russian Army specialists together with the new batches of men and armor that have to give it another try.

The siege of Stalingrad lasted 155 days... Just one day to go Cyborgs!!!!

Take a look at the new videos that emerged today...

Fresh batch of Russian mercenary-volunteers arived with new toys:

Instruction from the Russian specialists:

First try with the new IFV:

Second try:

Instruction how to shoot on the rooftop:

How to shoot an RPG (with thermobaric warhead) from the roof:

The other guy has to learn how to shoot too:

Ok, instructor showing how you do it:

Oh wait... I've been told these are videos from end of September! But they are published today. So it means the situation now is so desperate that they can only launch new attacks with old videos!!!

Do you notice how in these videos like in the many previous ones nobody EVER shoots back? They just shoot at buildings to make a cool video... loosers!

On a more serious note: the first video IS recent... there WILL be new attacks on the airport. It is a bottleneck for Russia. They MUST have it.

This is the map by the way:

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  1. in the last video(Ok, instructor showing how you do it:) they say its 25 september 14:10 but the guy who is shooting has steam coming from his mouth so its near zero degrees celsius at the time of the videoshoot,there were no temperature like this in the end of september ,i presume this videos are made recently


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