Monday, October 27, 2014

Russia shelled Ukraine with Smerch rockets FROM RUSSIAN TERRITORY

This video is a mini documentary about a Smerch attack on a Ukrainian camp FROM RUSSIAN TERRITORY.

The location is Dmytrivka, north of Lugansk (not to be confused with the Dmytrivka near Marinovka border crossing!). This had happened on the evening/night from 3rd to 4th September, but the videos were uploaded later and did not get much attention at all.
Yet the incident remains very important for several reasons.

This screenshot shows burned down tents and beds:

The sheds in that screenshot, can also be seen on this map:

This screenshot shows the location of destroyed vehicles:

On the background of this screenshot the same sheds can be seen:

The tree in the middle of the field in this screenshot:

can be seen on this map too:

Besides the tents, there was another position with a lot of vehicles.

It this screenshot an unexploded Smerch rocket can be seen:

Now pay attention to what the woman is saying in the previous and next screenshot:

The church is also indicated on the map above.

At 3:19 the woman talks about the direction from which the rockets came. She says she could tell, because she could see the smoke trails of the rockets.

This is when she points in the direction of Lugansk:

This is when she points in the direction of Russia:

On the map that looks like this:

It is some 45 kms to Lugansk or the Russian border. Max range for Smerch is 70 kms.

There is another video about the same location:

The Ukrainian soldiers talk about the direction the rocket came from. These are the things they say:
  • This is Russian URAGAN (Tornado) MRLS shell w appropriate serial number.
  • This is only one of the shells that hit the camp.
  • This is unexploded.
  • This is the same shell that Russian TV stations on news showed "how Ukraine army shelled peaceful Ukraine village".
  • To secure punitive army narrative.
  • They are mocking Russian journalists claiming that they clearly lack knowledge of physics or if even know then they bend the laws of physics on purpose making these shells like a magical one who make magical twists in sky before exploding.
  • Per trajectory it's is evident it didn't come from Luhansk but from Russian territory.
  • The number he shows at fins are manufacturer number indicating whose rocket it is.

When we look at their EXACT location where they are standing, we get this:

This Panoramio photo shows these two sheds:

The red x is the location of the rocket.

This screenshot shows that it is at some distance from the dirt road next to it and it is pointing almost perpendicular to it:

That makes the map look like this:

But note how the direction of impact of this rockets points to THE SOUTH!! Which is Lugansk!!! And not Russia...

Are all these people lying?!!!

The answer to this can be seen in the first video around 8 minutes. There the same rocket can be seen. This is a reconstruction of several screenshots:

The rocket had hit the car and went right through the side of the cabin. That changed its course before it hit and entered the ground:

Red line = true direction & trajectory of the rocket
Orange line = how it ended up after it had hit the car.

A look inside the car shows it indeed could not have come from the Lugansk direction:

If it would have come from Lugansk, the hole in the roof should have been a lot more towards the middle.

The red line indeed shows a direction coming from Russia.

The ATO map from 3rd september shows that attack too.

Russia had been destroying a Ukrainian camp 35 kms OUTSIDE the conflict zone, shooting Smerch rockets FROM RUSSIAN TERRITORY into Ukraine.

By what the Ukrainian soldiers are saying, Russian TV uses such attacks as examples of how Ukraine shells and destroys its own villages. (Maybe somebody can find the video of that?)

It is clear that the unexploded rocket came from Russian direction. It is a rare case where it had changed course because of the car that it had hit first.
But this also means we have to be careful with too quick conclusions based on the impact direction. We HAVE to consider the possibility that rockets or shells hit something else first and thus changing course before final impact. This doesn't make life easier for us... :-(.

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