Sunday, June 15, 2014

Evidence that a Russian unit was involved in firing the GRADs at Dobropole

(Thanks to @hdevreij who inspired me to make this page.)

Here are some photos of the destroyed GRAD taken from this site.

Do YOU know what buttons to push and how to aim?

Note the logo on the door:

Now first: these are not machines that can be operated by local boys who want to join the militia.
Second: since when does a regiment rent out its equipment to local separatists?
Third: the logo of the 18th Motorized Rifle Brigade is on it.

These are some photos taken from this website:

Note how the logos are the same as on the GRAD.

These logos do NOT appear on every average Russian military truck that is send to Ukraine:

There is also a photo of firing GRADs on that site:

Note how the camouflage colors of the 18th are EXACTLY THE SAME as the GRAD that was found.

Here are some Ukrainian GRADS, with different appearance:

Fourth: we already know there are Chechens, Cossacks, Ossetians and many other Russians fighting in East-Ukraine, we know the commander of them all is the Russian Strelkov.

A RUSSIAN UNIT was involved in firing these GRADs.

And for the trolls: Listen, when a local man wants to join the militia he even has to be trained to operate a RIFLE!!! Where is the training camp for learning to operate a GRAD? Seriously? It was a RUSSIAN UNIT.

(If you have any corrections or additions, please let me know. I will verify it and adjust accordingly.)

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  1. And another thing - if "Notes for CO..." brochure was from Ukrainian Army, it will be on Ukrainian Language, not Russian. Yes, I know that Ukrainian Army actually bilingual, but official documents must be on Ukrainian Language.

  2. Interesting thing to note: we have seen unit No. 27777 (its stamp is on the documents) before, in Crimea. E.g. here:

  3. Great post!
    @corrections - just a little note, by the way, that Chechens, Ossetians and even Cossacks are not ethnically Russians :)
    (talking about ethnicity, not statehood) @"Chechens, Cossacks, Ossetians and many other Russians"

    Just to add, I read an article by one of those Chechens who fight with Russian army in Chechnya. He said many "good" Chechens actively support Ukraine and would help as they could. He asked not to call those militaries who fight in Ukraine as pro-Russian separatists, Chechens, because they are traitors of their nation. He told better call them soldiers of Kadyrov, or whatever you find appropriate, but not Chechens.
    I can understand him, I think many journalists should pay attention to that.


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