Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Russian armor spotted in Perevalsk not seen before

Two videos appeared on June 25th reported to be in Perevalsk:

They are shot in the same car.

Here are some screenshots that determine the geolocation:

The frame that shows most of the scenery to the right: 

Frame that shows most of the scenery to the left:

This shot shows there is a line in the middle of the street:

It means the convoy must have been driving on the main road to, through or from Perevalsk.

There are two locations with a tree line in an angle to the main road as observed in the video:

Red = main road
Green = tree line in angle to the main road 

The area with the southern tree line has a lot of electricity poles in the field:

This can not be seen in the video. So it must be the northern location:

In Google maps:

The convoy consists of these vehicles:

1 tank maybe with number 1 or 4
2 BMDs with the number 123 and 125
3 trucks
1 mortar

Best shot of the number on this tank:

These vehicles have not been spotted before. Especially we haven't seen a mortar like that. They are driving South-West. They might either be heading towards Slovyansk, Donetsk or Torez.

Since the invading convoy from June 20th has been extensively recorded on many locations and these tanks had not been spotted there, they must have been crossed the border on a different occasion!

If you see errors or have additional information, please let me know.

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1 comment:

  1. Well done for all your heavy work!
    Regarding the column above, there is a video at the following address where they mention the column was coming from Krasnodon, i.e. from the russian border. And this would link with the fact that in your latest post you mention that numbers 120, 121, 122 are still on the other side of the border!

    And again WELL DONE for all your analysis!


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