Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Several more Russian armor movements close to the Ukrainian border

Video #1 from 23-6:

The column consists of:

1 retraction vehicle?
5  trucks
1 ammunition loading vehicle
1 GRAD? or just a truck?
1 field hospital
1 BTR #720
1 unidentified BTR
3 BTR #122 #121 #120 (note that #123 and #125 have been seen INSIDE Ukraine)
1 SA-19 Grison airdefense system #311 on a loader

The location is here:

In this video #2 electronic jamming equipment is transported 22-6:


Video #3 with T-80 tanks in Tarasovskiy 22-6:

A screenshot:

4 T-80 tanks on loaders can be seen, where very likely the first has been missed. So it may be 5 tanks.

Geolocation is very likely here:

On Google maps:

If this is correct, this is NOT on a main road North or South, but on a side-way going West. There basically is only one sensible direction/path they could go to:

Dotted blue = border with Ukraine
Light blue = obvious route
Red = possible border crossings

In the worst case scenario 5 T-80 tanks will attack the Ukrainian force North of Lugansk from the back, cutting them of from their supply lines.

Video #4 T-80 tanks on a train transport in Millerovo June 20th:

Geolocation is here:


It is the entrance to an offload area:

Some shots of the tanks:

These seem to be the same tanks as in Video #3!!
That is even more disturbing, because this train convoy consists of the following vehicles (thanks to @ain92ru who helped identify a lot of them):

10 tanks T-80U
2 ACRV M1974 Artillery command vehicles and reconnaissance vehicles
2 122 mm 2S1 Gvozdika heavy artillery
3 BMP-2
1 BMP-1KSh staff and command vehicle
1 BMP-2
2 MT-LB based vehicles, SA-13 Gopher, air-defense system
1 tank T-80U
1 BREM-1 recovery vehicle
1 medical car
1 truck
1 KP-130 field kitchen
1 truck
3  Petrol truck
1 truck
1 Jeep
1 army bus

In total 21 vehicles. It means the 4 spotted going to North of Lugansk might actually be these 21!

Video #5 Maslovka, Voronezh region, 350 north of Kharkov June 26th


All these units are IN ADDITION to the 200 units we have seen earlier and are already close to the border. See this blog. We have not seen those move away from the border.

If you have seen more recent Russian army movements close to Ukraine's border, please let me know.


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