Saturday, June 14, 2014

NATO confirms that Russia sends tanks to Ukraine

NATO released an article with images about movements in the Russian camp near Novocherkassk.

You can read it here.

It contains this satellite image:

It shows THREE tanks on loaders.

In Google maps, this is the camp:

So now we know where the tanks came from too.

Unfortunately the article states that these loaders entered Ukraine at the Dovzhanskyy border crossing, 'because Ukrainian officials said so'.

As pointed out in this article, a loader has been spotted with a tank driving through fields and an empty one has been spotted near Millerovo. So I still think it is more likely they took the 'unofficial road' into Ukraine.

One word for all the trolls: go find a honorable job please!

Also see: all the evidence you need that Russia transported tanks across the border.
Also see Empty trailer evidence for transport of the tanks

And one word to NATO: Could you please check the flight path of the SU-25 attacking the park and administration building in Lugansk too now? It might have been Russian too you know!!! See this article.

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