Sunday, June 29, 2014

Merkel? What would YOU do when an agressive neighbor has his foot in your door?

@GorseFires had some very good statements lately that are worth a lot more attention:

I gathered them here:

So what do you do when an notoriously aggressive neighbor has already taken your garage, drives in your car and now has it's foot in your door?
You call your aunt Merkel from the police and she says: "It's ok. I just talked to him. He says he only wants to help. He will behave now. We need his gas anyway..."

Think about it... What are you going to do?

Would you build a NEW DOOR in the hallway?
Would you OPEN the door, drink some tea and talk with him?
Would you call somebody else from the police office?

When you're done you may have a stiff conversation with your aunt again about what the freak was going on.

Some more interesting news from @bopanc

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