Monday, June 16, 2014

Most retweeted tweet thanks to Russophile @hdevreij

After making the page "Video showing the firing of GRADs by the Russians towards Dobropole" @hdevreij did not agree with me stating that it was operated by Russians.
The next discussion followed:

The discussion ended in @hdevreij MUTING us!

I was so p'd off by this, that I decided to make another page for all 'sceptics, russophiles and trolls' with the title Evidence that a Russian unit was involved in firing the GRADs at Dobropole, where I step by step argued how a complicated machine like that could not have been operated by a local pro-Russian who also 'wants to Soshoot with a gun'.

I made the next tweet:

Which was retweeted 427 times as I write this down. That is 3,3 times more than the most retweeted tweet before that!

So, in this way, I want to say 'Thank you' to Hans for inspiring me and helping me spread the message.

You can find my Top Ten of tweets here.

Did you miss your chance to retweet it? Here you can still do it:

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