Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ukrainian army makes a lot of progress with retaking the border crossings 18-6

This video is from Jun 19th in the morning, reported to be from Cherevkovka:

Here are screenshots:

These match with the next positions on the map:

When we draw a line between those two point, we can determine the position of the cameraman:

Zoomed in on his position:

This corresponds with the opening screenshot where we can see a little part of a building on the right:

We can see several vehicles on a road:

The blue buildings can be seen here on the map:

On several locations in Cherevkovka smoke can be seen, where fighting is going on:

This makes the total situation map like this:

Blue = border with Russia
Red = the vehicles
Yellow = approximate locations of smoke
Purple arrow = known location of Russian armor
Purple circle = border crossing Chervonopartyzansk

The Ukrainian army is making a lot of progress with securing the borders. When a column of their army is reaching Chervonopartyzansk, it means they had already retaken Dyakove and Dolzhanskyi, as shown in this situation map:

It also explains why Russian armor is also close to the border at Gukovo. Either as a precaution to prevent Ukraine from crossing the border with Russia. Or at a certain point they might want to join in and fire across the border?

Here is another video shot from a similar position and somewhat later:

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