Monday, June 16, 2014

@BradCabana retweeted my tweet!

@BradCabana is a real life (some sort of) public person from Canada, Newfoundland, who nonstop tweets about the war in Ukraine (among other things) with an incredibly high doses of (false) Russian propaganda.

I have argued several times that the only reason that he is able to do that, is because somehow he has given access to his twitter-account by some Russian Propaganda Network who custom-makes these tweets for him and throws them in his feed.

As you can understand he is not so happy with me exposing this.
In Top of a Russian Twitter Troll network exposed I tried to unravel his sources. And his response to that was something like: "I unbanned you long enough to have a look at latest writings. OMW Are you for real?" (Sorry I forgot to save it.) And he banned me quickly enough for me not being able to respond to that.

Now guess what happened?


Ha ha ha. Can you believe it? This is PURE EVIDENCE that Brad Cabana himself is not feeding these tweets. The Russian Troll that was supposed to make the feed for him that day obviously did not know about him blocking me and going after him. He saw a message he thought was interesting (they mix real info with Russian Propaganda like 50/50) and created a retweet for @BradCabana.

So now I have the honour to be officially retweeted by a Russian Disinformation Agent who had blocked me.

Oh my...

That article he retweeted can be found here.

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