Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gas pipe line to Europe blown up

In the Poltava region a gas pipeline has been blown up:

Here is another video from Russia Today:

Yesterday Russia cut off gas to Ukraine. Now this...

Here is the location at Lokhvytsya:

It is the so called Urengoy-Uzhgorod pipe line, the big one...

Now the big question is: who did this?
  1. Probably Russian Media will immediately say it is Right Sector, which actually is not even out of the question.
  2. It may also be done by the Russian. They want the conflict to escalate.
  3. The Ukrainian government, although I don't understand how they would benefit from this.
  4. Another option is that it was the Angry Woman who destroyed the cars near the Russian embassy (or any of those who where mad like her):

Photo of the exploded underground pipe. Looks like sabotage.

Now @Alosha_Popovich has to tell something interesting:

If they where within ten minutes at the location it means they must have been somewhere on a road within the red circle on this map:

(Note that this map shows the village and not the EXACT location where the pipe was broken, because I don't know that yet. But that is in the neighborhood of this village.)

In Google maps:

This is literally IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Kharkov is 4 hours away. Kiev is 3 hours away. What is a film crew of Russia Today doing there, if they did not know in advance that this would happen?

  1. Russians sabotaged the pipeline.
  2. Russia Today was working together with/getting informed by the terrorists who did this.
Right now this is mainly based on @Alosha_Popovich statement. If he is wrong or lying, things still might turn out to be different of course.

In 2005 something similar seems to have happened in Georgia:
Google translate of this message: "Putin's handwriting does not change. In January 2005 the pipeline
according to which Georgia was supplied with Russian gas tayuke as and the main power line were blown by "unknown terrorists" in several places. Georgia was left without heat and light in the winter, in record cold weather. As a result of this diversion Russia received quite the opposite result than the one one that Putin probably expected. We rearranged its grid and very soon almost ceased energy depend on unreliable neighbor. This independence we have achieved thanks to the eradication of corruption, which erodes the energy sector, increase own capacities, as well as the transition to more reliable suppliers."

Video of the location after the fire:

As can be seen... it is a very remote location.

(If you see any errors or have additional information, please let me know.)

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  1. @GZhygalov says that blast was somewhere around here http://goo.gl/maps/z3Byj (near Iskivtsi)
    I see trees in his photo therefor I think blast was here https://goo.gl/maps/nEaSx

    Way of pipeline clearly visible on MapBox images: https://www.mapbox.com/labs/request/#15/50.2874/33.1900

  2. In 2009, when Turkmenistan didn't want to sell Russia its gas at a price lower than Europe's and refused to cooperate with Russia, it, too, suffered a pipeline explosion. Ashgabad instantly accused Russia of sabotaging the line. Russians claim it was an old line and Turkmens were negligent, but since these Russian-made lines were theirs, and the people who tended them also trained by Russia, there were questions to ask.

    Of course, sudden shut-offs can cause explosions due to the changes in pressure. But there is no reason for them to happen necessarily if the transition is handled properly.


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