Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fresh (pro)Russian convoy with tanks drives through Makeevka towards Donetsk

This video shows a convoy of (pro)Russian vehicles driving through Makeevka:

This is the geolocation on the map:

In Google maps:

Earlier tanks were already spotted in Snizhne. See this report.

The convoy consists of the next vehicles:

#1 police car (!!!)
#2 companion car
#3 truck with some 15 infantery
#4 tank (seachlight left, so T-64B)
#5 tank T-64B
#6 tank T-64B
#7 companion car
#8 truck with at least 8 infantery and towing artillery or anti-air gun
#9 companion car
#10 bus

Clearly these looks like fresh troops on their way to the frontline. This might be the airport of Donetsk for instance?

This video shows the same convoy going through Torez.

It confirms earlier reports about tanks crossing the border with Russia. This is the likely route they have been taken:

Red = known sightings and direction
Yellow = likely route
Blue = border with Russia

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