Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Several Ukrainian Army movements in Shchastya

A guy in Shchastya repeatedly films Ukrainian army movements from the same spot and posts the videos.

Here is the latest from 18-6 8:02

These are the Big guns that have been spotted earlier in Svatove on June 16. So it took them two days to get here.

1 BTR tracked
1 truck with trailer
4 artillery 313 - 311 -314 -316
2 trucks

The geolocation is like this:

On a larger scale:

In Google maps:


Earlier videos on the same spot (from newest to oldest):

15-6 15:00


6 trucks
1 tank

14-6 14:52

4 trucks on the way back.

14-6 14:20

1 loader with tank
3 trucks
1 tank


3 tank
2 trucks
making a turn.

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