Sunday, June 8, 2014

The situation with the border crossings in Lugansk.

On June 5th an official message appeared from the Ukrainian government that 8 border crossings with Russia would be closed. Yet one of those Izvaryne is still in Ukrainian control and at Marynivka still fighting seems to be going on.

To exactly see the situation with the different border posts, here is a detailed overview with the latest information that I could find about them.
(If you see any errors, or have additions please tweet me @DJP3tros and I will adjust.)


Blue = border with Russia
Red question marks = crossing possible without control?

#2 MARYNIVKA (Also called Marinovka & Marinivka) UKRAINE

5-6 Heavy fighting at this borderpost. See report about it.

#3 Dyakove (Deakovo) REBELS

Exact location not found yet. At the border there cannot be found anything and the city Dyakove is almost 10 kms up north. 1 km to the south there seems to be a Russian border post though.

31-5 Repulsed night attack of 80+ rebels who fired 50 mortar rounds. See article.

2-6 Video of night attack:

5-6 (pro)Russians take it over:

#4 Novoborovytsi (close to Lyubyme)

No information found so far.

#5 DOLZHANSKY (leads to Russian Novoshahtinsk) REBELS

6-6 This article says it is abandoned.

#6 CHERVONOPARTYZANSK (or Chervonopartizansk; close to Sverdlovsk; leads to Russian Gukovo) REBELS

#7 Krasnodarskyi (leads to Russian Donetsk)

No information found so far.

#8 IZVARYNE (also called Izverine, Izvarine; leads to Russian Donetsk) UKRAINE

#9 Sjevernyi (Severniy) - ABANDONED

6-6 Ukrainians abandoned the border crossing. Rebels did not occupy it yet. See video.

More up North there are more border crossings, but these all seems to be in Ukrainian control for now.

Vilkhove railway



(Krasna Talivka)

Krasnyi Derkul (close to Zolotarivka; leads to Russian Voloshino)

The borders between Russia and Ukraine are wide open.

An interactive map with an overview of the current situation in East-Ukraine can be found here.

Also read this interesting article about the fights for the border crossings.

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