Monday, June 2, 2014

FAKE: Staged attack with RPG from tree in park in center of Lugansk?

On 2-6-2014 a security camera captured one or more explosions in the city center of Lugansk. Some people said it was because of a rocket attack from a fighter jet. Others proposed there might have been an RPG setup in a tree to fake a rocket attack when the jet was flying by.

It seems as if from a tree in the park, an RPG had been fired.

Here is an animated GIF with the explosions:

In the tree some fire can be seen that looks like the blast from a firing RPG. Next thing the explosion happens on the street.

But appearances may be deceiving. Another video shows the aftermath of the explosion and it is discussed here. It turns out that there are multiple impact locations. This does not correspond with an RPG being fired.
What we see in the video can be understood as a number of explosions in a very quick order. It begins in the park. Then on and near the street the next explosions happen.

We can count the number of explosions seen in this video and in the order they appear:

At least 7 explosions can be seen now.

It looks like an RPG might have been fired from the tree, but these are the first two impacts of grenades in the park, which blasts are visible through the tree.

This is a map of the area, with the camera and its view:

In Google maps:

This video shows the bloody aftermath where several people died:

The damage on the 3rd floor of the building show there are more than one impact. This correspond with explosion #7 in the earlier screenshot:

With this knowledge, if we look at the looped animation again, we can see how this seventh explosion hit at the level of the 3rd floor of the building:

It comes from the left, goes to the right into the view of the camera and then the smoke goes up.

This is a look inside the room AFTER the fire had been extinguished:

Not that the wholes in the wall are bigger now, but for the rest there is little extra info to get from this.

Here is another video shortly after the explosions:

This screenshot is taken from it:

There is a victim laying there and a lot of debris. This is not in the direction and path of the first explosion. It must have been caused by another explosion.

When we look in the video for the impact crater of this explosion, we can find it here:

A screenshot from another video shows the impact was just before the tree:

So clear enough there have been multiple impacts.

The TIMING of these explosions might have been EXACTLY when a fighter yet was firing missiles to another location, so it would APPEAR as if the jet fired into the city. It would be stupid to 'push that button' at any random moment. When it is pushed when a fighter jet attacks somewhere else, it looks as if the jet fired them. So we will have to look at what other weapons might have caused the explosions and if the jet path is in sync with the location of the explosions.

An attack with RPGs can definitely be ruled out. The blast from the tree are earlier explosions in the park, corresponding with the impact craters that can be seen there.

Also see Multiple impact locations suggest an Automatic Grenade Launcher might have been used?
Also see: Does the flight path of the jet show it had fired into the park?

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