Sunday, June 15, 2014

Russia should be split in two, to limit it's power.

Russia is mafia running a country with nuclear weapons and two main export products: gas and weapons. They benefit from conflict. It is business for them.

With annexing Crimea and invading East-Ukraine it shows that even a nation they consider to be a brother is not safe for their expansionism.

Ukraine gave up (a lot of) nuclear weapons in exchange for respecting its borders by as well Europe as Russia. Russia has betrayed its brother.

When a superpower does not respect and protect the borders of it's smaller neighbors, it means it is abusing its power. It is TOO powerful.
Their is only ONE SOLUTION to this: it should be split up into smaller independent countries to limit its power.

The only way to achieve this is REVOLUTION IN RUSSIA. Get rid of Putin and its corrupted mafia elite. Split the country in smaller states.

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