Friday, June 6, 2014

Third video of a jet firing rockets in Lugansk also strong evidence for shooting into the park

A third video is available of the attack in Lugansk on 2-6:
(The second one is here, but not discussed in this blog.)

With this screenshot we can determine the geolocation:

The cameraman is in this building filming the two towers:

In the first screenshots we can see the rockets firing almost above the mans head:

We can see that the jet is flying in a slight angle with the front of the building.

On the map we can see that a slight angle leads right towards the park and the administration building.

A jet fired rockets at the park in Lugansk on June 6th.

Also see: Did a Russian jet fire into the city of Lugansk?

Here you see how rockets impact after being shot by a SU-25:

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