Sunday, June 15, 2014

Up to 200 Russian army vehicles are about to cross the border with Ukraine

This video shows loaders with tanks transported towards Ukraine.


A screenshot from the video:

A very typical blue building can be seen.

It is shown here on the map in Novoshakhtinsk:

In Google maps:

It is the last city before the border with Ukraine!

Blue = the border at the Dolzhansky crossing
Red = column spotted and direction of travelling.

In this video 16 loaders with armored vehicles could be counted.


45 vehicles counted in that one.

This is the map:

Red = route of driver
Blue = parked army vehicles

This is in the same city just a little bit before the first column:


74 counted in that one.


19 vehicles spotted. Seems to be different from the others.

Latest info is that the column did not enter Ukraine yet, but traveled more up north:

(If you have additional info or see errors, please contact me.)


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