Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Russian attacks on Donetsk airport despite ceasefire

Several videos showing the battle for Donetsk airport. Terrorussians ignoring the ceasefire because they want to take the strategic location of Donetsk airport. Once taken this will be a big moral victory for them even though it is completely destroyed.
For the Russians it goes like this: if they can take it easy without much costs, they will take it easy (like Crimea); if they can't take it easy, they will destroy it and THEN take it (like the border crossings); but they will take it anyway.

Sept 23th
Terrorussians using a drone to direct mortar fire on Donetsk airport:

This screenshot from the video:

corresponds with this Streetview shot:

Google maps link to mortar position.

This screenshot of the effects of the mortar:

corresponds with this Google Earth view (and includes the mortar position):

Sept 25th 
Heavy artillery attack on Donetsk airport during the night:

Sept 26th
This video shows Terrorussians checking buildings at Donetsk airport:

Strangely enough the second part starting at 2:36 is mirrored and likely comes BEFORE the first part.
That makes the route the cameraman is walking like this:

Video from Ukrainian side:

Sept 27th
GRAPHIC: Terrorussians entering airport area and discovering a dead man:

This tank in the video:

Is located here:

Google streetview:

Google maps link.

The route the tank is driving looks like this:

Then the video shows some Russian troops entering the airport area, but leaving it quickly too:
This is the approximate route the soldiers take:

Lifenews used this footage in a news item.

Sept 29th

Two longer videos showing the position of a gun and attack on a building at Donetsk airport.
The video starts with smoke/fire and some Russian using the word 'provocation'. So obviously they want to justify with this video that they 'counterattack'. The truth of course is that the Terrorussians want Donetsk airport at all costs and never stopped attacking it.

This Google Earth screenshot shows the route the cameraman is walking, the original location of the black smoke (right) and the building they are firing upon (up):

Video from Ukrainian side:

Sept 30th
In this video the control tower is attacked from multiple sides:

This screenshot:

shows (writing on) the wall, that is also visible on this screenshot from Yandex Streetview:

It means they are firing like this:

But they fire from multiple direction.
This screenshot shows incoming fire from the NorthEast:

The spotter is in the top of an apartment building. His view is like this:

Terrorussians using RPG and alike to attack DA:

Heavy attack with T-72s closing in to the terminals:

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