Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ahmetovs factory used as repair workshop for TerroRussian tanks

In this video a factory in Donetsk can be seen that is used by the proRussian terroristic separatistic Novorossiya Barbarians Demolotion Republic (sorry, I am confused about the right terminology, so I just use them all) as a repair workshop for damaged or captured tanks:

Here is another video of the same building:

It is a four window high building:

There are only so much factories in Donetsk and there are not many 4 story buildings that could be this.
Actually there is only one:

This satellite image shows the windows perfectly fit with the screenshot: at the top smaller and larger on the bottom.

This other satellite image shows the side also fits with the screenshot:

The red arrows show the window in the side in the screenshot.
The yellow arrow shows the entrance.
The green arrows show the upper roof construction that also fits with the screenshot.

Since there is no other building in Donetsk that fits with these features, this must be the one.

Google maps link.

Ahmetovs factory is use to repair tanks and armor for the Russians...

This video shows another facility with a lot of Russian tanks (only the destroyed one could be Ukrainian):

Not geolocated yet. If anybody has any suggestions... let me know.

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    full vresion of video that you posted


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