Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fake video of MH17 missile launch

I don't want to pay too much attention to fake photos and videos. I like to just ignore them. But if it keeps coming back at me, I guess I have to address is.

So this video is circulating the web:

It supposedly was recorded by Meteosat, as it said in the tweet. This is what the owners of Meteosat have to say about it:
This should be enough, but if you are still in doubt:
  • weather satellites don't record videos, they take photos every 15 minutes.
  • weather satellites don't make detailed images, but make large overview images.
  • A video like this COULD make sense if it was perfectly GEOLOCATED. This is just something from a videogame or so.
  • It does NOT FIT the known launch location.
And here is the final answer:

Topic closed please. Ignore this stuff and delete it. All time you spend on this = feeding the trolls. Next time don't be so easily fooled.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Another photo of the MH17 BUK transport leads to the truck company

A French newspaper claims to have another photo of the BUK on transport:

Read their article.

They say they spoke to the truck-owner Vasily who said that the Terrorussians stole the truck earlier that month to transport the BUK.

The photo had been made by a Paris Match journalist while in Snizhne, although it is strange that they publish this one week after the incident. But maybe they wanted to trace the owner down first.

Geolocating the photo is a bit tricky, because there are little clues. The article says the journalist took the photo in Snizhne in the morning, but it is more likely to be in Donetsk, because there are trolley bus lines ahead the road and these are only to be found in Donetsk and Lugansk.

Chris Postal managed to do the job by going along the route from the truck company in Donetsk to Torez:

Link to Google maps.

Now this is EXACTLY the location that we found 'after the Motel' that is mentioned in the intercepted calls between the Russian terrorists. See this blog.
So this is a confirmation of the eyewitness report in that blog AND of the authenticity of these intercepted calls.

Funny thing is that the Terrorussians did not even bother to remove the telephone number from the truck and as such the journalists had been able to track down the owner, who insisted to have nothing to do with the transport.

Next thing is that Marcel van den Berg @marcelvandenber googles the telephone number and finds the address of the company on Google maps:

In Google maps:

I wonder if he got his truck back...

Different weather conditions at MH17 launch and crash site

Russian trolls have tried to discredit the single one launch photo of the trail of the missile that brought down MH17, by arguing that there where no clouds in that photo, but on all other photos and videos of the crash site clouds can be seen.

The simple answer to this is that the sites are 20 kms apart and when you look in a different direction you may see different cloud patterns or no clouds at all.

Nevertheless, because of the importance of the matter, it is necessary to investigate if the weather indeed was as photographed.

Here are many photos of the crash with clouds clearly visible.

This is the launch photo:

 Note that the sky is not clear, but there are veil clouds or high thin haze.

@WowihaY found some weather reports on ww24.ru of neighbouring cities. I put them on a map:

Near Torez it was clear and sunny in the morning and cloudy towards the evening. Yet at the launch time of 16:25 it does show clouds. So this is not conclusive enough for me. It MIGHT fit, but 'prove' is something different. Question remains: what kind of 'clouds', how thick, from what direction?

So we need more detailed information like satellite images. Googling 'weather history' brought me to sat24.com. You can enter date and time and hopla...
Ukraine is UTC+2, so we need to enter UTC 14:30 on July 17th:

(UPDATE: in summer it is UTC+3, it means the images below are one hour too late. Yet the principle is the same and the difference is tiny.)

This is the image:

Next thing is to determine where Torez is and the two sites, at the red dot on the right:

Now that's some very small area. We need to zoom in, enlarge:

Left = original satellite image
Right = copy with markers on it
Red dot = approximate launch site
Blue dot = approximate crash site
Yellow area = distinguishable different type of clouds

Even though the area is small, a different type of clouds can be seen above the crash site, compared to the launch site. Above the launch site, looking south-east there is a much thinner, even type of clouds.

@ain92ru pointed me out to this site which explains how the infrared image helps to identify the type of clouds. This is the infrared image:

It is neither white nor black at the launch location, indicating these are in between categories B and C: mid high clouds and possibly fog.

But there is another thing. The launch photo was made from a distance of 12 km.

It means that a very large focal length must have been used to zoom into that location.
And THAT means the clouds in the photo are not what you see ABOVE it, but what you see ON THE HORIZON.
Like for instance in this somewhat extreme example, but it makes the principle very clear:

Even though there might be thunderclouds above you, if the horizon is clear and you zoom in far, you get a result like in the launch photo with a haze-like sky.

Just for comparison this was the situation at 12:00. The entire Torez area is cloudless, consistent with the weather reports from ww24.ru. The clouds appeared later in the afternoon. 

The weather/clouds in the launch photo are different from the crash site. But even when there would be thin layers of clouds directly above the cameraman, in the photo he is photographing the horizon, which might be hundreds of kms away. This area unfortunately is not visible on the satellite image anymore, but it does not need to worry us.
There is no reason to doubt that the launch photo is as authentic as can be.

Here is a link to a very detailed discussion about this subject in Russian.
Also see: EXIF data of launch photo confirms its authenticity.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

US satellite images show Russian attacks across the border

US ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt tweeted four times with satellite images showing several attacks from Russia across the border:

Of course the US knew this all the time.
We knew this all the time.
On July 16th a Russian boy uploaded some movies that he made of GRADs firing. See blog. Based on these videos it could be proven that they fired from Russian territory into Ukraine.
But on July 11th there was already a Ukrainian camp/convoy totally destroyed reported being attack from across the border. See blog.

Basically all the Ukrainian units along the border are being crushed because of this.

Finally the US steps in and publicly announces what they know.

Now do the right thing and support Ukraine in a proper way to end the Russian aggression.

Here you can see a movie of such shelling:

This is the result of GRAD shelling:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rebels, pro-Russians or just Russians?

A lot of journalists still talk of 'rebels' and 'proRussians', 'separatists' or 'proRussian separatists'
This is NOT the right reflection of reality and therefore the terms are unjust and misleading.

Furthermore Russia is attacking Ukraine ACROSS the border with GRADs and heavy artillery.
In this video Russian units are probing the border, they turn just before it:

This video shows Russian regular army crossing the border:

In this one crossing the border and attacking:

Yes, there are locals who fight with the Russians, like here in Horlivka:
And of course there are also some REAL proRussian locals who joined. But these people are more VICTIMS of the constant brainwashing of Russian Propaganda then true separatists:

So, when you read this, from now on, call them what they are: 'Russian invaders', 'Russian terrorists', 'Russians', 'terrorists', Terrorussians... these are the right terms to use.
If you really, REALLY want to be politically correct, call them like this: 'Russians with a whiff of diminishing local support':
Any questions?
You want to see the video where locals BEG the 'Russians' to leave? Ok, here it is:

And NO, 'Russian-backed separatists' is not good either! This is a Russian operation to annex Ukrainian territory. Didn't you pay attention at what happened with Crimea?

'Mercenaries' maybe. Yes, a lot of them. But who pays them and where do they come from? And from whom do they get weapons? And whom do they obey? ALL soldiers get paid.

This is how they end up:

If you have any additions, let me know.

Tapped (pro)Russian conversations confirm MH17 missile launch

Tapped Zello conversations of (pro)Russians in Snizhne confirm that a rocket had been launched to bring down MH17.
(This blog has been made in close cooperation with @WowihaY and @sergeiyakovlev.)

Zello is a Walkie Talkie application for smartphones. As with normal Walkie Talkie, anybody can listen to it. It is used a lot by the (pro)Russians in East Ukraine. But Ukrainian patriots listen to this too and record it. Here is a conversation that happened after the attack on MH17:

Roger, guys, a plane has crashed.

Well, probably the guys have shot it down with the slingshot [likely a nickname for the BUK], good job. [—rhyming pun]

Have they caught the pilot and shoved something in his ass? [—rhyming pun]

Our guys are awe[some]...

There was such a loud bang when it crashed! Even the KhimMash plant (Wikimapia link.) has rattled and trembled.

They say, they say, we have downed a Russian plane, there are children lying around in a trunk [—she probably means “seats”], torn luggage...

Hey, one plane downed, others won’t fly here anymore? Five seconds, please, comply. [—Zello channel rules?] And no passenger [plane] was shot down. Twenty-sixth [AnN26] was shot down, a transport plane. Good riddance.

Was there a sound of a jet plane at all? Perhaps it was an UAV [drone]?

UAVs don’t fall [crash] like that.

Guys, moderators, this boom, tell me, please, was the plane shot down above Torez, or did something fall down on the plant in Snizhne?

[0:57] woman A
Vika, look, before the plane was shot down, I was watching in the direction of... well, precisely when you look at—what’s the name?—KhimMash. And so, above KhimMash, in the direction of KhimMash, there was something upwards... like smoke, something like a smoke trail... err... as if some kind of a missile launches upwards. And then ??? I wanted to ask what it was—[but] my internet [connection] glitched—and after that there was some kind of an explosion, like a plane, and my husband shouted: “A plane is coming down!”

So, there’s information, information, that Sushka [— slang for “Su”; meaning a Ukrainian fighter jet] has shot down this AN26 with foreigners.

I was just going to say, couldn’t one plane shoot down another one?

And... is this provable, that this could happen? Or is this... I don’t know, just some guess­work?

That, we’re going to find out from the news. The most important thing is that the plane has crashed.

So they won’t blame us later that we have [shot down] humanitarian [aid], you know, those who are helping, we’re killing. That’s what might happen.

Well, it appears everybody saw where the missile has flown from.

Well, where you are, everybody saw it, but the Ukrainian media, as usual, will say, will say that that were us.

Guys, a war is going on. Shot down... they were told, don’t fly!

Isn’t the permitted flight altitude 10 km and higher?...

I think we shouldn’t be making any excuses to Ukrops. [—slang for “Ukrainians”]

[2:25] woman B
Guys! I’ve just listened to the story... (sigh) Right then, I was at the garden, at Oktyabr’ (no Wikimapia link available) sound, out of nowhere, there was droning sound. It was silent right before that, and then suddenly there was loud droning sound... I [looked] at the sky, err, something was flying... well, I, I can’t tell for sure, well, from that direction, it was flying as if from Saurivka [Wikimapia-link]. I thought it was a missile, ran inside the house, shouted to my mom, well, after we went down to the basement, only then did we hear some bangs, explosions.
But it was flying and smoking—with a white smoke—and strong buzzing loudly above Oktyabr’ flying there, you know, to... towards the town, in that direction.

Mine 8 (Wikimapia link), roger.

Well, I was also standing at the balcony and watching. It [the plane] was flying, smoking in the clouds, then black smoke, well, naturally, there was a bang at that time, and it crashed... behind Cheryomushky (Wikimapia link), and further.

Well isn’t there [something] from that district, somewhere, well, in the direction of the first mine, there, perhaps, something has fallen there? err, I heard strong buzzing, flying there, towards the town.

No, it [the plane] was hit, it didn’t drop anything.

That’s not what’s important! Here: “On July 8, State Aviation Service of Ukraine has closed the flight space in the east of the country. The decision was motivated by the ongoing military operation in the region.” How can they possibly complain about the militia [separatists]?

So first of all, this is a confirmation of the scenario that we have seen from the official Russian commanders: they think a Ukrainian military plane had been shot down, they cheer about it, only to find out it was a mistake.

But more important is that they are witnessing of a rocket being launched and they have seen it flying over the city of Snizhne into the direction where we know MH17 has been flying.

Most specific is woman B, because she tells where she is, at Oktyabr’, which is the southern district of Snizhne. When she is looking into the direction of Saurivka, which is south, she sees a rocket launch. This fits PERFECT with launch site we already determined.
She also says it was flying above her into the direction of the town. Since MH17 was coming from North-West direction, this also perfectly fits.

When we put locations and information into a map, we get this:

Now you can read the conversations again and see how everything matches :D.

If you see any errors or have additions, or other info, please let me know.

Just for educational purposes, here you can see examples of a BUK firing a missile:

For reference and discussion I put the Russian text here too:

[0:00] Подтверждаю, ребята, самолёт упал.
[0:03] Ну это, наверное, ребятки с рогатки его подстрелили, молодцы.
[0:08] Лётчика не поймали, в жопу не надали ему?
[0:11] Наши мол[одцы]…
[0:12] Так бабахнуло, когда он упал! Что аж завод ХимМаш затарахтел и затрещал.
[0:19] А говорят, а говорят, шо сбили мы российский самолёт, дети валяются в багажнике, чемоданы разорваные…
[0:26] Чо, один самолёт сбили, больше другие не прилетят? Пять секунд, пожалуйста, соблюдаем. И никакого пассажира не сбивали. Сбили двадцать шестого, транспортник, туда ему и дорога.
[0:39] А, вообще, был звук реактивного самолёта? Может, это беспилотник?
[0:44] Беспилотники так не падают.
[0:46] <???> модераторы <???>. Ну, скажите мне, пожалуйста, самолет сбили над второй вам один, или в Снежном что-то падало там у вас на завод?
[0:57] Вик, смотри, перед тем, как сбили самолёт, я наблюдала в стороне, вот, как раз если смотреть на… ой, как его… на ХимМаш. И вот, над ХимМаш, в стороне ХимМаша, такой вверх как дым, такая вот полоса… эээ, как вот ракета какая-то вверх взлетает. И потом <???> хотела спросить, что это, у меня интернет глюканул, и после этого взрыв какой-то, вот, как самолёт, поэтому муж кричит: «Самолёт падает!»
[1:22] Значит, проходит информация, информация, что Сушка сбила вот этот Ан-26, с иностранцами.
[1:33] А я вот только хотела сказать, один самолёт не мог другой подбить?
[1:37] А… это доказательно, вот, что это могло случиться? Или это, на… не знаю, на уровне предположений?
[1:47] Так это мы в новостях узнаем. Самое главное, что самолёт упал.
[1:51] Чтобы нас потом не обвинили, что мы гуманитарку, ну, те, которые помогают, тех и убиваем. Вот что может быть.
[2:00] Ну, вроде бы, все видели, откуда улетела ракета.
[2:04] Ну это у вас все видели, а украинские СМИ, как обычно, ска… скажут, что мы.
[2:10] Ребята, идёт война. Сбили – сказано было, не летать!
[2:16] Вроде ж высота, разрешённая для полёта – 10 километров, и выше…
[2:21] Я думаю, не нужно оправдываться перед укропами.
[2:25] Ребята! Только что послушала историю… (вздыхает) Я на огороде была как раз, на Октябре, эээ, услышала гул, ниоткуда взялся гул. Вот, буквально было тихо, и тут сразу гул сильный… Я в небо, эээ, летело что-то… ну, я, я не могу точно сказать, ну, оттуда, как от Сауровки летело. Я подумала, что это ракета, бегом в дом, крикнула маме, ну, в подвал уже спустились, услышали уже потом только бахи, взрывы какие-то. Но летело оно уже и дымило – белым дымом – и сильно гудело над Октябрём туда, как в город, ну, в… как на город, в том направлении.
[3:03] Шахта 8, подтверждаю.
[3:06] Ну, тоже стоял, смотрел на балконе. Летел, дымился в облаках, потом чёрный дым, ну, ясно было, в это время бабах, и упал… за Черёмушки, и дальше.
[3:17] Ну а нема с того района, где-то, вот, со стороны первой шахты, там, может, туда что-то <???>?
[3:22] Да по нему гукнуло, он ничего не скидал.
[3:26] Да дело не в этом! Вот: «8 июля Госавиаслужба Украины закрыла воздушное пространство на востоке страны. Данное решение мотивировалось в ведомстве проведением силовой операции в регионе». Какие могут быть теперь претензии к ополчению?

Friday, July 25, 2014

EXIF data timestamp in MH17 missile launch photo is 16:25:48 17th July

It turns out that there is one single piece of key evidence in the reconstruction of how and from which location MH17 was shot down. It is this photo:

So far no videos or other photos have appeared on the net showing either the launch or the smoke. It means we have to try to trace back the origin and the authenticity of this photo.

Personally I received the photo through @rrubanov:

The timestamp of his tweet is 18:25 July 17th. The crash was reported to be around 17:00, so there is one and a half hour in between. But at that time nobody knew it was a civilian airplane.

At 18:14 still official reports came in that a Ukrainian AN-26 had been shot down:

So when at 18:25, 11 minutes later, somebody tweets a photo of the trail of the missile, it is impossible to have photoshopped something credible with the intention to hide the truth and 'blame the Russians'.

I contacted @rrubanov and he said he recieved the tweet from @WowihaY. here it is:
Timestamp 18:23, 2 minutes earlier. He says he got the photo from a witness.

Now the funny thing is that @Wowiha made a very similar calculation as I did. In the middle of the night at 1:27 he has already been tweeting about it!!!
He says that he found a second witness and so he is drawing the lines of sight on a map. He gets an approximate launch location.

This is (within the margin of error) exactly the same as what I calculated independently from him. And he does this within 6 hours.

The next day at 19:08 he tweets to have found a 3rd witness and indicates the area with an upside down Google Earth screenshot:

Translation of the text is:
Launch was made from this area! We weren't wrong. Third person confirm.
Said from field across Сlay Aggregate (rrubanov — maybe some facility or quarry produce clay aggregate)
Btw, there is line of rabit holes (rrubanov -- defence fighting position) there.
One more person can show exact, but ...
So bear in mind that this local guy from Torez tweeted within a timeframe of 6 to 27 hours after the crash about information of three witnesses from whom one of them he received a photo. Based on that information he had already indicated from what area the missile had been launched. And it is in sync with how I calculated the area.

I asked him if he had the original photo with the EXIF info. He does. It has already been released to the Ukrainian Security Service. It can not be made public (now) because it will reveal who the author is and we don't want to get this person killed.
So I asked him the next question:

16:25 local time is 13:25 UTC, since in Ukraine the time is 3 hours ahead of UTC.

Some journos who are on location in East-Ukraine made a reconstruction of events on July 17th as they have seen it and been able to figure it out from eye-witnesses. This is, as you can understand, completely independent from what I'm doing here based on information from social media. You can find their report here. Everything they write is in sync with what I write about here. This is the time they report:

It fits...

Conclusion: this photo is genuine.

Also see: (pro)Russian conversations recorded from Zello just after missile launch
Also see the entire route that the BUK traveled into Ukraine
Also see: how the Russians took down MH17
Also see: satellite images reveal how the BUK has been driving near the launch location
Also see: quick update on the military situation in East-Ukraine

Help spread the message, retweet:

What's happening with Graham Philips?

@RobPulseNews traced and captured several conversations about the disappearance of the Scottish Graham Phillips, who works for Russia Today.

Graham is what we call a 'Russian paid Disinformation Agent'. He is deliberately spreading disinfo, lies and hatespeech against Ukraine and when he was in Slovyansk he has been secretly filming Ukrainian positions and reporting this, jeopardizing their safety.
He totally lost his credibility when setting off a tripwire when filming near Kramatorsk airbase and reporting this as 'being shot at by Ukrainians'.
He went back for a break to join the worldcup football but return a couple of days ago to Ukraine. 

This is what happened next:

@27KHV is a 'brother in arms' of Graham (read about @27KHV here) and can not be trusted on his word. He recently asked publicly for photos or videos of mourning relatives of victims, because 'he was working on something'.
Nevertheless when asking about Graham, his concern seems real:

No response...
This is an official statement though from DNRpress:


They do not want any journalist near anymore...

Bryan again:

So what is going on behind the scenes? Because OFFICIALLY it is said that Graham has been detained by Ukrainians.

Yet, both sides say they have no info on him:

Earlier a Russian Today cameraman had died because his team had been lured into a compromising situation. They openly drove a bus into a Ukrainian army base in Donetsk, thinking they would go filming surrendering soldiers, just to get shot at. It seemed a DNRpress employee had deliberately given them false information.

Footage of the dying cameraman had been broadcast in Russia, blaming the Ukrainian army was 'shooting at a bus full of women'.

Is it possible that they have setup a trap for Graham too, who is not really contributing to the credibility of Russia Today anymore?

This is how RT reports about the issue:

You see how they talk about Ukraine being the most dangerous country for journalist while these journalists all died in their self-proclaimed Terrorussia aka Novorossyia? 

Also a CNN fixer has been detained by illegal DNR. See this article and video.

Check Robs timeline for the latest news about Grahams status.

Important issues will appear on this blog too.

This news article says Graham has been deported out of Ukraine and is not allowed to enter for 3 years.

This is by far the most right and just thing to do. Basically when he came in, they gave him another chance. First thing he does is going to the front line to a level where he can be easily shot at. For his own safety and for the safety of Ukrainian soldiers, this is the best solution.

Now, if only he would learn to shut up with his false accusations and hate speech, the world would become a much more beautiful place...

Oh wait!!!! The story ain't over yet:
Excuse me? The Terrorussians put him in a room that was fired at by artillery? They DID want to kill him! Or is it just another lie so he can be in the middle of the attention?

Pfff. It's game over for him. We can ignore him now.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Girl poses with 'lipstick from Amsterdam'

Her profile (photos removed now)

No comments whatsoever...

Look here for the guys she may want to date.
What about this mentally disturbed dogeater who Russia sent to fight with the illegal LPR?


Not everybody is like that, look at this local woman. Bless her:

This Terrorussian had to look for surviving pilots MH17

In this article it was reported that Italian journalists had interviewed a Russian terrorist who was ordered to go find the surviving pilots of the, so they thought, might have parachuted out of the military airplane that they had just shot down.
Only to find children... people and suitcases.

He told this when he was guarding the train with the bodies in Torez.

He did not want to tell his name, but he did not mind photos to be be taken.

So... meet THE FIRST tongued Terrorussian investigator of the crash site:

Jeroen Akkermans also photographed the guy:

You can see Jeroens impressive photoseries about MH17 here.

There is a chance that this might be the guy who was phoning his commander to explain it was a civilian plane in these leaked phonecalls:

If you want to see the other 'official investigators' of the crash site, look here.
If you want to see the kind of girls these guys are dating, look here.

If you have any more info on this guy, let me know.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

EXACT location pinpointed of MH17 missile launch site

Journalist Roland Oliphant read my blog where I calculated the possible site of the missile launch. See the blog.

This is how that looked like:

The red line is the line of sight, where the smoke of the missile had been seen. The launch could have been anywhere near that line.
The colored lines is where tracks could be seen on the satellite images of July 20th.
The yellow circles is where these two come together and what would be excellent search areas for the exact location.

So Roland went out to have a look. The article he published can be found here. But the video is better.

Here are screenshots.

At the locations in the field there was nothing special to see, accept for the harvester that was also discovered in the satellite images:

But he looked around and found this location with burned and scorched earth:

(Just behind his ear on the left side, monument Saur Grave can be seen)
He also tweeted this photo with the article:

Well hello. That's it!!! Scorched earth and burned wheat...
That's what you get when a BUK is launching a missile:

(just a photo from internet for educational purposes)

But the question is: where is it?
I asked Roland. He didn't tell me...
Well, let's figure it out ourselves then. Let's have a good look at the environment:

Some electricity poles can be seen.

A path with a bend and a tree line...

This is the geolocation:

Yellow dots = electricity poles
Yellow arrow = direction of WWII monument Saur Grave
Red line = line of sight of photographer to smoke trail from the missile
Blue lines = field of view of cameraman
(Thanks to @obretix for setting me on the right track)

Link to Google maps.

How does this fit in with the prediction I made?

It is absolutely in the line of site as calculated from the photo. We found the EXACT launch location!
(Well, unless the Russian trolls read my blog and wanted to play a practical joke with us of course.)

Of course... military specialists have to analyse it etcetera and we will eagerly look forward to the results they come up with.
And Roland will have a surprise for us too. He found stuff at this site and they will report about it later.

But why didn't I got this location in the first run? Well, because there where no tracks right through the field on this spot and because the satellite image ended there. Nevertheless, this is it. We won't find another location with burned wheat in the neighborhood.

Where there tracks at this location? I can see some here:

But it is not very clear. I hope Roland has made a lot of good photos...

Also see: (pro)Russian conversations recorded from Zello just after missile launch
Also see: how the Russians took down MH17
Also see: transport of the BUK out of Ukraine
Also see: EXIF data of missile launch photo confirmed

Spread the message, retweet this:

Russian soldiers VK-page shows RUSSIA is shelling Ukraine with heavy artillery

Valdimir Petrov @_hedder found evidence of a Russian artillery unit shelling Ukrainian positions from Russian territory, because a soldier from this unit is posting photos on his VKontakte page (the Russian Facebook). Or course immediately after discovering this, his page has been deleted. But the info is still here:

The smartest part about this is, that the geotag shows where he is:

And the geotags in his photos:

Link to Google maps.

Censor.net has a copy of his page: http://www.peeep.us/d31120f5.
This is indeed the area of heavy fighting where Russia tries to cut of the Ukrainian units that patrol the border.
This is the effect (in the south):

This is not an incident. Russia is constantly attacking Ukraine across the border. See this blog.

Vadiks brothers page can be found here: https://vk.com/idkontractnic

This is how that shelling looks on Ukrainian side:

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