Friday, November 28, 2014

Russian army disguised as rebel army ready for 2nd invasion into Donbas

On Russias VK social network photos appeared from Russias 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade being disguised as the so called 'NovoRossiya' rebel army.

These must be some 100+ vehicles!

They removed license plates, write all kind of slogans on it, and run a Novorossiya flag. As simple as this may seem, it has been a VERY effective way of fooling the West in the idea that there is some real rebel movement going on.

The 200th Brigade has been in Ukraine before when they defeated the Ukrainian army south of Lugansk:
The first of these photos is taken from the Russian convoy that returned to Russia on Sept 2nd. See this blog. The second photo is a screenshot from the Russian ANNA news where wounded soldiers are taken from the battle field near Luhansk. It has the same hull-number. The 3rd and 4th photo are from the 200th brigade.

This means the threat is real that a second may happen again.
Putin has threatened to do so, if Poroshenko will not acknowledge the fake, terrorist organisations of DNR and LNR:

Do understand there are already A LOT of Russian troops in East-Ukraine. Just some quick examples
And Russian soldiers also die in Ukraine:

So remember:

It's a Russian war with Ukraine/Europe and Putin will look for ANY excuse to bring it to the next level any moment soon.

Here is a composition of screenshots from the video of the 1st Russian invasion force:

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Unnoticed video of AN-26 downing confirms shot down from Russian territory.

Largely unnoticed video of the downing of Ukrainian AN-26 confirms it was shot down from Russian territory.

From the video this panorama can be made:

That location can be found here:

Google maps link.

This is really at the border with Russia!

In the beginning the cameraman is looking for the missile at his left side:

It is not there anymore, so he starts looking more to the North and at 0:30 he finds the trail:

The rocket is almost directly flying away from him.

That this is indeed the July 14th incident with the AN-26, can be seen by the same cloud pattern from the other video of it that was taken at a slightly different angle:

What's remarkable is that the rocket seems to hit at 0:39:

It means the video has been running for a full 39 seconds before impact. It means the launch had to be close to them so they immediately put on the camera to record the events. Basically the only thing they did not record was the launch itself.

All this information (launch site closeby, passing at his left side, rocket flying away from them) is compatible with the launch location that had been determined earlier:

This is where the BUK has been seen on a Google Earth satellite image from Aug 8th (position with the red vehicle item) :

The yellow arrows show tracks which also lead into the bushes behind the BUK.
When you look well, another vehicle can be seen under those bushes as well (bottom red circle).
The upper red circle shows yet another vehicle.

There is also a Aug 31st satellite image:

The previous positions are empty now and maybe a new position has been chosen (red circle). Or they may have relocated completely to another location at this date.

This AN-26 was the first Ukrainian plane that was shot down by a BUK and it happened 3 days before MH17 was shot down by a Russian BUK from Ukrainian territory.

UPDATE 12-12
Some people think the trail is not big enough for a BUK. Back in July everybody thought a BUK must have brought down the AN-26. But check this:
Maybe it was a Pantsir that brought it down and maybe the location spotted on Google Earth was for a Pantsir and not a BUK...

Also see: Google Earth shows Russian BUK that shot down Ukrainian AN-26 on July 14th
Also see: Likely area determined of Russian SAM that shot down AN-26 on July 14th

Lienews reporter lies about being beaten by Ukrainian journalists

Video can also be found here:


Clearly Russian Propaganda 'Journalists' are not received with a warm welcome anymore in Ukraine. Obviously something happened. She was sprayed with water in her eyes, or maybe even with deodorant. It definitely was NOT pepperspray.
Opportunistic as they are, they use the situation to make drama-tv out of it. The reporter lies about that she had been beaten and she might have a wet towel in her hand to make her face look like she has tears.
In other words: a great LIEnews item!

Nazis in AZOV battalion?

(NOTE: for archive only. Account now deleted and as such flag removed!!!!)

This photo appeared on the net:

Like in this tweet:
And of course it started a lot of discussion whether this photo was real or not.

It comes from this vk-account from Oleg Pyenya.
Link to the photo.
Link to the original photo.

On his timeline there is an interview with him stating that his name is Олег Пионтковский.

When in his VK-page showing the photo, you hover over his name, it shows where the author is:

So this means the OWNER of this page Oleg Penya, indicates that he is on the photo.

This guy has many photos picturing him giving Nazi-salutes:

Link to original photo.

Or this one with nazi-flag:

Link to original photo.

Photo showing Oleg on a AZOV-truck:

Photo showing Oleg at Ukrainian checkpost:

Photo of Oleg with fellow soldiers:

So, there should be no doubt that Oleg is a member of the AZOV-team AND a nazi-sympathizer.

The BIG question is: If this photo is fake, then WHY does AZOV-member and Nazi-sympathizer Oleg Pyenya have it on his profile?

Is it fake?

Sergey Ukrainets has a photo on his VK profile that shows the same building as the first photo:

Link to original photo.

It also shows the truck with the ZU-23.

Another photo shows the truck with the blue canvas over it:

Other photos in this guys profile show AZOV battle groups and some with Nazi-salutes too!

So all these things indicate that it is a LEGITIMATE photo from an AZOV-group and NOT some reenactment of (pro)Russians pretending to be AZOV-members.

Has the photo been edited? is a website that helps determine whether photos had been edited. I uploaded a photo and THOUGHT it indicated to be edited:
Yet the founder of the website responded to this:
I had not been sending the original photo here.
This is what Fotoforensics shows with the originally posted photo:

This is the link to the Fotoforensics photo.

It means all other such comparisons going around are worthless, because it has to be done with the most original photo.

The Nazi-cross DOES look very different, similar as the black areas on the faces. So that might indeed be an indication that that flag has been edited in?

To be sure I asked @hackerfactor. Waiting for an answer...

The founder of Fotoforensic says the Nazi-falg is fake.
(Probably he meant to write: "Found a higher quality version.")

Now that we can safely conclude that the NAZI-flag was edited in later, the question still is why Oleg Pyenya, who is a MEMBER of AZOV has it on his profile!!
Oleg is also a member of this far-right organisation by the way.

Yes, there are Nazi-admirers in AZOV, which by the way is no longer a volunteer group but has become a Ukrainian army unit.
So yes, there are Nazi-admirers in the Ukrainian army. It does NOT mean the Ukrainian army is a Nazi-army AT ALL.

The big difference with for instance dog-eater Alexey Milchakov is that Oleg is DEFENDING his country and Alexey is ATTACKING and INVADING a neighboring country.

As every European country there are far-right organisations and people, so in Ukraine too. Russia is even FUNDING these organisations in European countries!!!

That makes you wonder: would Putin also (have) be(en) funding (some) Far Rights in Ukraine?

The fact that some Nazi-admirers are in the Ukrainian army and openly showing their allegiance on social media is not good at all. It will be/food for the Russian trolls and propaganda. It may even influence Western opinion in a bad way.

The only good thing that can be said about it, is that at least Oleg is willing to defend his country against the Barbarians. As long as they will not commit the same atrocities as what they are fighting against...

Since AZOV is a Ukrainian army unit now, they should fire soldiers that so obviously and openly sympathize with Nazis!

UPDATE 28-11
Olegs profile has been completely deleted. That's how you do it! Hooray for AZOV and for Ukraine!!!!

UPDATE 29-11
And there you go! Russian TV is of course using this faked! photo in their propagnada:
Oleg should be fired from the Ukrainian army for this.

Thanks to @vik2rsk for finding the sources.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WARNING GRAPHIC: Barbarism in so called 'Novorossiya'...

There is not much novo about Novorossiya. It is going back to the middle ages or worse.
Check these examples:

1. Publicly display perpetrators so people can humiliate them:

2. Punish them with the whip when they did something wrong:

3. Let a thief publicly walk through a row of 20 people each of them hitting him with a stick:

While the big guy with the mustache and the medals is watching and laughing:

4. Women are forbidden to go to bars:

5. If they do, "they should all be raped":
6. They DID catch a girl going to a bar. So they videotaped her while she was tied to the bed, getting whipped on her naked bottom:

The ugly guy with the fat belly hits her 32 times in the video. This is the endresult:

Why does this bastard not allow a girl to go to a bar, but he, with his fat belly can torture her and see her but-naked while he watches her?

I am NOT going to put links to the video, because some similar sick people as the ones who are doing this, might find such a video interesting...

There is a suspect for the torturer in this video:
What's next? Throwing acid in a womans face?

7. Sentence a rapist (which is UTTERLY BAD) to death by public voting (are you kidding me?)

8. Cutting of the ear of a POW for whatever reason.

Link to video (which will soon be removed).

These sick bastards even show a photo of the cut of ear on their VK-profile:

Take note that the pants and the grass is the same as in the video.

That guy even uses this photo as HIS PROFILE photo:
His fake name is: Ivan Smirnov)
This is his VK-page:
This the link to his photo-album. (WARNING: really sick guy. many mutilated bodies)

The guy holding the ear seems to be Alexey Milchakov:

9. Abduction of people in broad daylight who oppose you:

In this case a person in Makeevka.
Why not? When you have a weapon, what are people going to do about it?

People... DO realize this: when the current Ukrainian front falls or shifts Westward, this will ALL come to you and your children too. Those who defend against this barbarism and terror are true heros! Freedom ends across the border of Novorossiya.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Google Earth shows Russians used MH17 crash area intensively for firing MLRS

The September 14th satellite image in Google Earth shows many locations that have been used for firing MLRS rockets. These leave a dark imprint in the field where the grass or corn is burned from the rocket engines.

Here are the examples (some positions are used more than once):

This one is a combination of smaller and larger burned areas, indicating they may have launched Smerch or Tornado for the larger ones and the smaller ones may be GRADs.

Also there have been trenches built:

All these positions can be found here on a larger map, where the MH17 debris area is indicated in green:

The trenches are at the Northern position.

On a larger scale:

Orange line = approximate front line
Large green area = area where MH17 debris can be found
Small green area = area where most of the MH17 debris ended up

Note that the darker area on the left part is where the Sept 14th map is. The greener right side is from August 20th. Possibly a later map may reveal launch sites there as well.

Also note that this is the situation up to September 14th/ A more up to date satellite image will definitely reveal A LOT more Russian launch areas

The Russian use the MH17 debris area INTENSIVELY as a launch area for their smaller and larger MLRS. The reason? It is difficult for Ukraine to counter these, since it is 'the crash site'. If they do, the Russian can blame Ukraine for 'shelling the crash site'. This fits the Russian pattern of using hospitals, schools and ambulances as 'shields' for their activities.

They could have easily choosen other locations... out of respect for the innocent deaths?

No, the Russian use the MH17 crash site to their advantage...

For the trolls: these are not 'harvesters'. This is how real harvesters looks like:

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